Too Much Information: The 5 Funniest Answers To Tough Interview Questions Of All Time

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answers to tough interview questions for jobseekersThere are several do’s and don’ts in the mastery of answers to tough interview questions.  Be open, but not too open.  Be honest, but not too honest, etc.  Of course for some, it’s not that easy.  Here are 5 real life funniest answers to tough interview questions of all time:

Funniest Answers to Tough Interview Questions #1 – Tell me about yourself.

According to Bettina Seidman, a career management coach for Seidbet Associates, one of the funniest answers to tough interview questions was she was once told by a candidate that the real reason she wanted the position was because it was close to Bloomingdales.

This is your opportunity to give a brief rundown of your job qualifications. The key here is brevity — similar to what we suggest in our resume template. Anyone that wants to know your life story can wait for your autobiography to come out.  When it comes to giving answers to tough interview questions, give a rundown of your education, job history, and experience.  That’s it.

Funniest Answers to Tough Interview Question #2 – Why did you leave your last job?

One executive recruiter at Hurwitz Strategic Staffing said he was once told, “I decided to quit. I had an affair with a co-worker and when we broke up there was too much tension in the office.”

Honesty isn’t always the best policy (I’m sorry Grandma). It’s best to stay in a positive light on this one. Something like “My last position wasn’t the best fit for me creatively and I’m hoping that this position will allow me to put my best foot forward.” might be a better option. Sometimes, there’s nothing you can do to get the job back. When that happens, the best thing you can do is start sending out resumes that get responses from employers.

Funniest Answers to Tough Interview Questions #3 – Where do you see yourself in the future?

One marketing associate at Eastern Michigan University said that one of the funniest answers to tough interview questions he’s ever heard was, “My main goal is to be a rock star; this is more of a backup plan.”

The key here is to be realistic.  You’re not going to become president of the United States within five years.  It’s important to project yourself up the ladder within reason.

Funniest Answers to Tough Interview Questions #4 – What are your weaknesses?

Greg Palomino of CRE8AD8 Advertising said that one of the funniest answers to tough interview questions he’s ever heard was, “I like to date young ones, is that bad?”

Though complete honesty might not be the right way to go, giving the old “I work too hard” is just as meaningless. It’s important to be within reason.  Are you looking to work on your public speaking?  Any computer programs you’ve wanted to learn?  This is your chance to show that you’re willing to grow as an employee.

Funniest Answers to Tough Interview Questions #5 – How would others describe you?

According to one Miller-Merrell hiring manager one candidate actually answered this question with a little something extra, “I had a candidate come into my office with her child and proceed to breastfeed her baby boy during the interview. There was no acknowledgment or mention from the woman I was interviewing about the baby or him eating.”

I suppose it goes without saying that having a baby attached to your boob when giving your answers to tough interview questions is probably not the best approach. Neither is sending out resumes that aren’t designed to generate responses from employers. However, this is your opportunity to show that you are not afraid to ask for feedback from your colleagues.

From closet rock stars to unintended peep shows, more is not better.  Full disclosure is not the best way to go in an interview, but there are several answers to tough interview questions that are not only honest, but will show you in a good light.

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  1. Bruce Hurwitz
    Bruce Hurwitz

    In #2, which is quoted from an article from August on AOL, I told the story of the candidate who admitted to having an affair. I did not, and would never recommend lying or misrepresenting which, is what the follow-up paragraph implies. Never lie. Never misrepresent. Never spin. Eventually, you will always get caught.

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