6 Incredible Best Resume Hacks

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hack-your-best-resumeWhat’s the secret to having the best resume out there? What does it take to differentiate yours as the best resume around from the countless masses? Attaching a hundred dollar bill seems to be the obvious answer. Offering up a little money on the side is a sure way to grease your way to a surefire job, it may even be the best resume available. However, in this day and age, who has spare Benjamins lying around their crib? Surely those seeking jobs don’t. Instead, consider this list of six potent hacks for crafting the best resume. Each hack, working in tandem, may be that irresistible force to help budge the immoveable object of picky employers.

1) Know Your Audience – As simple as it sounds, knowing who you’re submitting to is tremendously essential in creating the best resume around. If you’re applying to be a text book sales person at Scholastic Inc. don’t say reading is for losers. If you’re looking to be the next production assistant on a children’s TV show, refrain from using an email address like bongmaster6969@imanidiot.com. Tailor your resume to suit the company you’re applying to and make it the best resume you can.

2) Be Sure to Research Your Intended Employer – This one goes without saying in making the best resume. Make sure who you’re applying to is who you think it is. In many instances a simple letter change or flip alters who you’re applying to. If you’re blindly dropping your best resume online like spam, be careful. A quirky letter variation can turn a Fortune 500 into a porn site.

3) Go Digital – Having the best resume is just the gateway drug to the larger world of you. Provide links to social sites that showcase skills, traits and work employers would be interested in seeing. However, this can ruin your best resume if you don’t…

4) Clean Up Your Image – Letting employers view your online presence is a double edge sword. All those Facebook pictures of kegstands don’t play well with potential interviewers. Ditch the spring break 2007 debauchery if you intend to nab a professional gig. The same applies to the best resume. Remove references to your time at Burger World as a “Custodial Services Engineer” if you aspire to white collar dolla, dolla, bill ya’ll.

5) Provide Only Relevant Information – No one cares you were Prom King in high school. If that’s on your best resume then no wonder you’re stuck in the parent’s basement. Never the less, applicants often crash and burn when it comes to listing personal attributes. List skills and activities that would appeal to the people signing your paycheck, such as being disciplined, efficient and good at meeting deadlines. The same axiom applies to being overconfident. Being a “badass” doesn’t impress a future boss.

6) Grow Up – If you want to be a professional then look it with your best resume. Submit a resume that isn’t written on the back of a Denny’s menu. As mentioned before, providing a contact email like cutieprincesswink12@juvenile.com was fun in middle school, but doesn’t have the same luster in today’s workplace. Develop a mature persona with a proper grownup email and the best resume formatting you can imagine.

While not an exhaustive list, these six best resume hacks are definitely a starting point on your way to the best resume possible.

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    Office Supervisor Job Description

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