Best Resumes: 5 Critiques Your Professors Never Told You About

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writing  best resumesThe best resumes follow a very simple formula that has many variations but centers around the simple premise of being simple to read and relevant to the job at hand. Essentially the best resumes don’t play around and get right to the point. Although as you go on you might find ways of making your resume play to your strengths, crafting one of the best resumes requires examining what you’ve done and picking it apart with utter ruthlessness an determination. Possible employers are sure to be doing the same when you hand it in. Take a gander at these five critiques that should hopefully allow your resume to stand with the best of them.

  1. Does it Make Sense?– Can anyone follow what you’ve trying to say on your resume, a potential candidate as one of the best resumes? It may sound all well and good to you but that’s because you lived through it. Can an outsider with no knowledge of your life understand the sequence of events that brought you to where you are now?

  2. Is it Relevant?– We all can’t pick and choose the jobs we get, often jobs are taken out of necessity. However, despite your motivations for cleaning toilets, some jobs take precedence when writing one of the best resumes. Make sure your job experience fits, or at least has some type of connection to what you’re applying to.

  3. Am I Ready for This? Sometimes that perfect dream job might be within your reach, but consider if you’re even ready to take the plunge. Just because you graduated college doesn’t mean to be widely optimistic. A positive outlook is excellent. Just don’t become hopelessly naïve or rely on wishful thinking. Look at your resume and determine if where your sending it to is ready for you. Think if you’re ready for it.

  4. Does it Make Me Look Good?– The best resumes always build up the person behind it. You should never feel ashamed or embarrassed about anything on your resume. If you do then it’s back to the drawing board for sure. The best resumes showcase excellence. Only put your best work and your highest honors on your resume. You should feel proud enough to pin your resume to the front of your shirt. Hitting this milestone will let you know if you’re there or not.

  5. Do They Know Who I Am?– The whole purpose of sending out a resume is so a potential employer can know who you are. Make sure you provide the details on getting back in touch with you. Simple as it sounds it’s a component of the best resumes. Name, telephone number and email address is all it takes.

You’re already on track to have one of the best resumes by reviewing your resume with these five critiques in mind. Most importantly take pride in crafting a resume. It’s an abridged story of you. Focus on that and you’ll have one of the best resumes in no time.

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