The Benefits Of Writing Your Own Resume

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Writing your own resume is usually the kick start to a round of job hunting. Really, it is the first thing you should do before even hitting the job boards or creating a profile on some online job search site. Keep it
updated and keep it relevant. However, there are benefits to writing your own resume other than just having a resume in hand.

These benefits begin during the initial process of creating a resume. It may seem to be a pretty straightforward process but making a resume can be tough work. There is a lot of picking and choosing, weeding out information to ditch and deciding on stuff that you need to put down. This self examination process really allows you to come to grips with what you can offer employers.

First and foremost, it lets you see if you are even qualified for the position you hope to apply to. Many people get down to writing their resumes and find out that their qualifications are not nearly as impressive, or perhaps they are more impressive, than they believed. Some people change their job searches based on these revelations. Others head for the hills and go to graduate school. Still others move back in with mom and dad, ‘just so they can get back on their feet’, as they say.

Nevertheless, the real benefit of writing your own resume is that you become more involved with the job search than having someone else write it for you. Resume writing professionals are perfectly respectable people
but hiring one often removes you from the nitty gritty of the job hunt.

As you may or may not know, every job you apply to should have a tailor made resume. The differences between resumes may not be significant, but every job you apply to should have a unique resume that plays to the
qualities that employer is asking for.

This serves a purpose, however. As you tweak your resume for each employer, it allows you to come to grips with the responsibilities, expectations, qualifications and duties of that position. This in turn makes you more knowledgeable about the position because you’ve just spent some time thinking about how your abilities match this job. Not only will you be able to know what you’re getting into but you will likely interview better and be more passionate about a job you actually understand. Having someone else write your resume entirely removes you from the process and keeps you distanced from your potential job.

What was it like writing your resume? Any pitfalls or perils readers should be aware of? Log in and comment below and share your experiences.
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