4 Resume Cover Letter Tips: How To Avoid The Trash Can Like The Plague

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a  resume cover letter to impressA resume cover letter is the first step to getting hired and is far more important than many hopeful employees are aware of. You know when you see someone walking towards you that you’re meeting and know it’s just not going to go well? Someone that just walked off the set of Jersey Shore or Tool Academy and you can already tell you don’t want anything to do with them? That’s what a lame resume cover letter can do to you. You become that guy! Undoubtedly you’re quite interested in getting a job so consider these four tips to avoid seeing that precious resume cover letter of yours in the dumpster.

  1. Introduce yourself– A resume cover letter is the place to tell a future employer all about who you are and what you have to offer. It’s really the paper equivalent of speed dating. You only have a small window to get yourself out there before its time to move on to the next one. A resume is usually cut and dry but a resume cover letter pretty much gives you free reign to promote how awesome you are. However…

  2. Great kid, don’t get Cocky– As Han Solo tells Luke Skywalker, so this article tells you. A resume cover letter is the place to talk yourself up but don’t overdo it. Walk the fine line between self-promotion and self-aggrandizement. That means being an arrogant windbag to the non-English majors. Be assertive and confident but also humble enough to know when to stop.

  3. Have you done your Homework– Another aspect of a resume cover letter is talking about who you’re applying to. This shows you are actually researching potential employers and not just dropping your resume online left and right. Bring up what you know about your possible employer. A quick Google search is a pretty good way to get a bead on a company. Plus it can also help you realize if you really want to work for someone. Nothing is worse than jumping through hoops to get hired and finding out where you work is a terrible place. That poison gas factory sounded so appealing when I applied…

  4. Call me– Although this seems very common sense ALWAYS include your contact information on your resume cover letter. How else are they going to get in touch with you? Putting your name, telephone number and email address on a cover letter is beyond essential. This is going to be the cover to your resume, you need to have that information somewhere super accessible and easily seen so an employer can just glance at your CV and know how to reach you.

Simple tips really but they are unequivocally effective. Remember that a resume cover letter is the first thing a possible employer will see. You want it to be the best you can do. Make that awesome first impression by writing a killer resume cover letter.

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