6 Quick & Easy Steps To Create A Cover Letter That Employers Love

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create a cover letterWhen it’s time to sit down and create a cover letter, it helps to have a plan before you get started.  Contrary to popular (yet misguided) opinion, there is a direct purpose and a set of goals for this essential part of your first contact with the prospective employer.  Here are 6 quick and easy steps to create a cover letter that employers will love:

1.  Identify Your Key Selling Points

Before you even get started, you need to sit down and do a little soul-searching and take a marketing view of your job experience or anything that has happened in your life.  Figure out what your key selling points are going to be before you even consider how they will be communicated.  Write these down.

2.  Formulate a Blueprint

Pre-planning is the key to success, and you want to sit down and write out a structured outline to follow.  This is where you will decide what you’re going to say and where.

3.  Write the Opening Paragraph

Now it’s time to create a cover letter you can be proud of.  The opening paragraph should be like any introduction and should compel the reader to read the entire letter.  You should have a strong benefit statement that encapsulates what you have to offer and include it in the opening paragraph.

Just like any part of the interviewing process, the cover letter will act like a screen and not everyone will get through.  Don’t make them search for a reason why they should ready your resume and invite you to interview—put it right where they will look first.

4.  Write the Body

Now is the time to flesh out the body of the letter by outlining your accomplishments.  Use bullet points and specific benefits to keep the letter organized, easy to read, and communicate exactly what your strong points are.

5.  Write the Closing

The closing, or conclusion, should always include a direct call to action.  Telling people what to do next is very powerful subconsciously and a fine display of assertiveness and confidence.  Tell them to pick up the phone and call you.

6.  Polish, Proofread, Finalize

When you create a cover letter, never, ever fail to proofread several times to check for inconsistencies, weak language, poor grammar, and spelling mistakes.  In fact, you should always have someone else look it over for you.  Detail-oriented people are a valuable commodity in this world, and not paying attention to these things in something as vital as a cover letter can completely destroy your credibility.

Details, details, details…

Create a Cover Letter Feedbacks

Check out some of our other articles to get some good tips before you create a cover letter, but this is a good guide to get you started and give you framework for the process.  Let me know your comments—is there anything that has worked for you in the planning process that you would like to share?

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