CV Help: How To Avoid The 5 Deadliest Mistakes

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avoid mistakes with CV help

Do you need CV help? Are you so in need of CV help that you’ve  begun the painful process of gnashing you teeth? Well gnash no more and  turn here to the source of all your prayers for CV help. Crafting a resume is hard work but what’s more important is actually crafting a resume that works for you. Getting  help is the first step to making that first leap into the big brave world of career success and opportunity. Let’s start with a list of five deadly mistakes to avoid.

  1. Forget to Format This may seem to be pretty basic CV help but formatting is an essential component of making a mistake free resume. Without clear and proper formatting the person screening your resume might find Atlantis before they figure out where you graduated from. Make sure your resume doesn’t need annotations to be properly understood.

  2. You Worked Where? Past jobs are great indicators of your potential to future employers. However, when getting CV help, make sure you understand that some past job experiences are worth more than others. That time at the Gas N’ Gulp might have been awesome that one summer, but Mr. Money Bags over at job central isn’t impressed. Talk up, so to speak, the jobs that are relevant for where you’re applying to.

  3. This is it? CV help requires you to make your resume the best it can be. Part of this CV help focuses on the sidekick to the resume, the cover letter. Never go into a situation without a cover letter as part of your CV. Not only is a cover letter important to elevating you above all those poor slobs who forgot, or just didn’t care, to attach one to their resume, clearly not getting CV help, but it helps personalize your applicant. Plus a cover letter makes you appear to care about the job you’re applying for way more than you actually may be.

  4. Please Don’t Tell Me… Make sure your resume is clean, physically clean that is. Although difficult to believe, many a resume often contains dirt, grime, foot particles or coffee stains. Accidents happen but don’t be surprised if you’re purposely not hired for this job.

  5. And You Are? This is perhaps the more important part of getting CV help. Tell them your name! Contact information on your CV is so vitally important that it shouldn’t even have to be mentioned. But it’s being mentioned anyways because it does happen. Name, telephone number and email address are the three key features you need to have plastered all over your resume. How else will that prospective job get back in touch with you?

Well you’ve turned to the right place for help. Hopefully after digesting this list of don’ts you’ll understand that a workable resume is within your reach. Hopefully with this CV help you’re well on your way to that next great job.

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  1. Bridgette

    What great advice! The cover letter is very important- you really have less than 30 seconds to impress the hiring manager, or be put in the recycle bin.

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