Decline Job Letter: 5 Ways To Keep The Bridge From Burning

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Just a few weeks ago, you thought you’d bedecline job letter moving out of your apartment, setting up a tent behind the liquor store, and teaching yourself the art of crumpled newspaper origami so you could trade paper hats for change; Now, you’re suddenly facing a whole new and wonderful dilemma—turning away jobs by writing a decline job letter!  While that is a huge step in the life of a struggling college graduate, a little tact is important.

Here are 5 tips for turning down a job offer with a decline job letter.

1.  Send the Decline Job Letter Promptly

The first thing you need to realize is the decline job letter should go out immediately—as prompt as possible.  This isn’t some guy or girl you met at the bar last Friday that you want to toy with a little bit before cutting loose just to satisfy your ego—respect their time and money by letting them know as soon as you make a decision.

2.  Express Thanks for the Offer

While the point of the decline job letter is to say no, remember your manners.  Keep in mind that these people wanted to give your sorry as a career.  Not only did they want to hang out with you every 5 days a week, they were going to pay you for it.  Would your friends ever do that?  I don’t think so.

You should be thankful for this, and it isn’t something we should take lightly.  A lot of people would die to have the interview skills to have multiple job offers in this economy.  Be sincere in your thanks.

3.  Don’t Mention Salary

This is not the time to talk numbers.  If you had a problem with salary or had a better offer, that should have been dealt with during negotiations, not when you decline the job with a decline job letter.  Throwing it out there at this point is a bit like taking a cheap shot in the bar at some guy while his head is turned.  Just say you thought the other company was a better fit.

4.  Keep Your Personal Reasons Private

There is no need to divulge that you just couldn’t stomach the bosses hairy palms or that your baby’s momma couldn’t let you borrow her car every day to drive that far.  As always with business, personal is personal and business is business.  Keep it professional, even if that means a white lie.

5.  Keep Communication Channels Open for Future Opportunities

Make sure you leave them in your decline job letter with contact information and permission to get in touch with you, just in case.  Because what all the other tips really come down to is just like the title says, keeping the bridge from burning.  You never know what the future holds, and this company might someday be your saving grace or a next step forward.

Any insights to contribute about how writing a decline job letter?  Maybe you see a way to relate the smooth breakup you used on your ex to letting go of a job opportunity.  Hey, we don’t discriminate on your creative sources.

Hop in and join the conversation on how YOU would write a decline job letter.

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