Do You Have A Recession Proof Career Path?

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Graduating from college can be a difficult proposition when you keep hearing again and again how bad the economy. Maybe that’s why so many graduates are playing it safe and staying in school to earn their masters. Regardless, instead of hearing nothing but doom and gloom about the job market, how about some good news? Certain jobs are called recession proof because they will always be in need no matter what the economic climate looks like. Does your job or course of study make the cut? Find out below?

Health Care- As long as humans walk the face of the Earth, there is always going to be need for a health care industry. Health care jobs are not only insured against economic conditions because people can get sick or hurt no matter how good the stock market is, but are actually expected to enter a boom time. How is this possible with companies going under left and right? Baby Boomers. They are the largest age group in the United States and they are already hitting that age when they need more and more medical care. It’s a good time to be a health care worker.

Education- Again, any sector that deals with people is pretty much recession proof. People have kids that need to go to school. While there’s been a great deal of controversy lately over the pay of teachers, the fact is that teachers are always going to be in demand, especially good ones with plenty of college education. If you’re looking for a safe haven during the recession, look no further than the teaching industry.

Information Technology- This one is pretty self explanatory since pretty much every business in the world relies on computer technology. Someone needs to run these computers, Why not you? As more and more business becomes digitized, expect this field to grow larger and larger. Not a bad time to take a few computer courses  from universities like the University of Phoenix while you’re still in school.

Law Enforcement- This occupation may not seem to be the most glorious but it is pretty practical since most cities and states will cut budgets left and right but they will leave law enforcement budgets untouched. Not only do you get to keep the streets of your community safe but many law enforcement agencies have robust health care plans and great pension plans when so many corporate jobs have neither.

Green- This is a new field but businesses are going crazy about going green but also looking good to the public. This is an emerging field but a smart one to get in to.

So, any more recession proof jobs you have in mind? Sound off in the comment section.

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