How to Side Step Layoffs

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Layoffs are a part of the job culture. Sometimes, when times are tough or big changes need to be made, employees need to be let go. Often this can appear arbitrary and harsh, sometimes it is, but most layoffs are carefully sized up. Bosses determine people to layoff who don’t bring as much to the table compared to other coworkers. So, what is that employers want workers to have when it comes time to axe the payroll?

Adaptability is the name of the game. Being flexible and multifaceted. The job culture has changed tremendously in the past several decades as more and more machines have stepped up to the plate to take over more and more job functions. Furthermore, business have been slowly squeezing their employees to take on more responsibilities without compensation in order to stay competitive.

This may sound coldhearted, and it very well seems that way, but businesses need to stay in business. They need to make money, first and foremost. Asking their employees to do more for less is how companies stay competitive and watch the bottom line.

Employees that are able to bend in the wind, instead of breaking, have the advantage over their coworkers. For instance, having a broad skill set, rather than a deep skill set, is a huge bonus. The difference between the two lies in adaptability. Employers much rather have an employee who knows five tasks pretty well compared to an employee who only knows how to do one thing extremely well. An employee with a broad skill set can take on a number of different functions. It doesn’t matter that he or she only has moderate knowledge of the field, that can improve with training and experience.

An employee stuck in his or her ways that performs only one function is often first on the chopping block.

So, how does one become adaptable and flexible? The best way to do that is to have a broad education. Take classes in a verity of fields. Never stop learning or being curious. Try and pick up a new language or take a few computer courses. It may not be within your field but being narrowly defined and pigeonholing yourself into a tight corner can spell doom for your job chances.

There’s nothing wrong with being a specialist and many people make a living by excelling at one particular thing. However, jobs with
that deep of a focus are few and far between since they tend to be held by the same specialists until they retire. Diversifying your credentials is the best way to promote job security by being a jack of all trades.

Have you avoided layoffs by being an adaptable worker? Let everyone know down in the comment section.

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