Personal Networking Or Internet Postings: Which Reigns Supreme?

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The Internet has become one of the dominant forces in society, so much so that millions of people rely on it for not only information and entertainment but for securing their very livelihood. When they were first introduced, online job posting boards were viewed as novel ways of advertising a job opening. Those who were savvy enough in the Wild West days of the Internet were able to readily secure employment with a minimum of leg work. You didn’t need to spend days running from company to company, resume in hand. One could sit at home and apply for jobs far quicker than someone who went door to door or poured over classified advertisements.

However, the Internet has become such an overwhelming force in modern society that most job listings are available online. For those who have been around the job market block once or twice, consider when was the last time you walked into a company and filled out an application in person? Do many businesses even have physical applications anymore? It seems like everything has to be done electronically these days because it not only is a greater convenience for employers but it also makes the job hunt for employees that much easier.

Still, the ease of access has made job hunting that much more difficult. Online job listings are so common that anyone can apply for them. This in turn makes the competition for each position that much more difficult. If you can just send in an application with a few clicks of the mouse, what stops thousands of other people applying for this same spot? Other applicants can easy blanket the job market with dozens, if not hundreds, of applications done over the course of a weekend. This makes actually securing a job through an online posting that much more difficult.

Nevertheless, their used to be a time when networking face to face was the only way to get a job. The old adage of it wasn’t important what you knew as who you knew was in full force. Does this rule still apply? Personally, there are many instances where having someone on the inside made all the difference in securing my employment. Two of my last three occupations were secured through having a friend already working there. Does this mean personal networking reigns supreme?

Personal networking maybe able to help you more readily secure a job but it certainly isn’t as broad or expansive as Internet job postings. The answer for which form of job finding is best depends on your personal qualifications and your openness towards differing job fields. Online job boards definitely present you with a wide range of options. However, the likelihood of getting one of these professions varies wildly. Conversely, having an insider can make a huge difference in getting hired, but you’re limited by who you know and where they work. The choice, really, depends on you.

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