State Of The Economy: Job Growth Beats Estimates

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unemployment rate for job seekersUnfortunately, being jobless is still a reality for over 14.9 million Americans.  The number of unemployed and underemployed keeps fluctuating from month to month, but it should help some people rest easy to know that as the job growth keeps fluctuating, some of the statistics have been improving.  For instance, the average weekly earnings for the employed have gone up by 5 cents on average per person.  Sure, this doesn’t sound like a whole lot but when you take into account that the employment rate is probably at least ten times what the unemployment rate is, that sounds like a whole lotta money!

So, although the unemployment rate went back up a little bit in August from what it was in July, this increase in median pay as well as a decrease in the length of time people are having to remain on unemployment going on at the same time actually means that we’re doing a little better.

Confused yet?  The facts demonstrate that the economy is still on shaky ground, however work seeking Americans are in luck because more jobs are slowly but surely becoming available to them.  In the mean time, some people are having to simply settle for lesser paying jobs than what they’re used to or part time jobs instead of their full time careers.  But don’t worry; we don’t all have to resort to selling ourselves on street corners just yet.  As I said, the fluctuations and numbers are actually showing that the success in the job market is increasing.  Don’t relax just yet though.  There are still a lot of people looking for jobs and not enough jobs to go around.

What does that mean for you?  As a job seeker, you need to make sure that you have not only a stand-out resume but a charming, one of a kind personality as well.  You should have had plenty of time to brush up on those interview skills since the market is so competitive right now and you may have been looking for a job for a long time.  So make no excuses- you should do everything you can to stand out in the crowd and prove that you have what it takes to out-work all of your competitors.  You need to literally crush your competition (not like with a hammer or anything, maybe just some pointy heels?) and leave them wondering “why not me?”

You should never rely on your charm and good looks alone to get you a job, especially when you have over 14 million people to compete with.  If you’re not getting any calls on your resume, it’s probably the same old resume that many of your competitors are sending in.  Use your head and make sure that your resume not only showcases your individual talents but that it stands out among millions.  Trust me, you can do it!  You can personally contribute to the decline of the unemployment rate- no matter what area your talent lies in.  So put yourself out there…. But don’t look just like everybody else or you’ll remain a statistic.

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