Why Highly Educated And Skilled Job Seekers Have Almost No Luck With Getting Hired In Today’s Economy And What To Do About It

As A Job Seeker In An OVER- Saturated Job Market, The Most Important Skill You Will Ever Discover Is How To Leverage The “Hidden Science” Behind Making Yourself Irresistible To Employers - And Here's Exactly How To Do It


Dear Friend,


Are you having any luck finding a job in this unforgiving economy?


If you're like most highly educated and skilled professionals, I'm guessing the answer is NO. And I'm guessing that ALSO like most professionals, you have NO IDEA why...


Because lets face it. You’re tired.



I know how you feel. Because I was once there too. I still remember being the highly educated and skilled professional, with a mountain of bills and no income to even chip away at it.


But then I uncovered something so powerful that it changed my life forever! And listen, this is my story...but it could just as easily be your story too. We’re all in this together; trust me on that.


I’ve never done anything like this, so I’m just going to jump in, and you try to keep up. Things get hairy and people always get weird when I tell them how...


I Landed A $60,000 Dollar Per Year Job Offer In Under 30 Days


Before we go further, we need to set the record straight.


I’m not one of those “extroverts” who got hooked up with a job from their rich fraternity buddies. My parents were blue-collar immigrants and I grew up knowing nothing about the “corporate world.”


Let me put your mind at ease by pulling back the curtain and showing you exactly what happened.


For the first time ever.


Here's The "Back Story" Behind The Journey That Landed Me A Job, Salary And Company That I Actually Liked And Could Be Proud Of… Without Settling For A Miserable Job That I Hated!


Although, I’ve been working in the business world for well over 6 years, my transformational story began back in my senior year of college when I thought my future was set. I had an internship lined up and assurance from my supervisor, my supervisor’s supervisor, and the senior director of the COMPANY that my position was secure.


Then Suddenly, My Golden Future Slipped Through My Fingerprints.


Just before graduation, the vice president of the company decided conditions weren’t right for hiring. Four out of five interns expecting a position, including myself, were denied the internships we'd been promised at the last minute.


Frankly, I Was Scared Out Of My Mind


And for good reason, because



Four Years Of College, And I Had Nothing To Show For It.


These are the thoughts that were going through my mind:


I gathered all my remaining self-esteem and hit the streets, applying for HUNDREDS of positions. And you know what?


I got TWO replies.


Better than ZERO, right?


Wrong. My “replies” were two letters in the mail that looked like this…



Ever seen one of these before?


And I found out later one of the positions went to someone in my class. I even knew the guy, and he was a slacker when it came to actual work…he was just a smooth talker (hint: he knew how to MARKET himself).


I Realized The Job Search Was One Of The Most UNFAIR Processes in the Modern World.


Welcome to the harsh REALITY of job hunting...


I turned to the career center—a reasonable decision for someone in my situation… But after driving 1 hour and waiting for 30 minutes, they handed me a resume packet with some samples and sent me away.


It was like I was a number to them…Where was all my tuition money going?


I Asked Three Different “Career Experts” For Advice And Every One Said Something Different Than The Last.


I scoured the library and online resources for a magic bullet everyone else had somehow missed…but it just wasn’t there.


That’s when a friend emailed me a video he found online. “Hey Man, I think this might be able to help you on your job search.”


I was curious, so I clicked the link and watched the video.


This Is Where My Real Journey Begins.


Turns out it was made by a famous Marketing Guru teaching advanced Marketing concepts based on Human Psychology. He held up 2 books and explained that 1 of them sold for $1000 and the other sold for $13.


“Why…” he asked, “…is it that the first book could command such a higher price than the other book?” And he went on to talk about increasing the Perceived Value of your products and tapping into the Psychology of customers.


As I was watching it, my eyes began to open. I realized something I never noticed before because they never taught this to us in school—


It Was All About Human Psychology.


I saw then that Marketing is one of the most important skills you can learn in your LIFE. Whether Marketing an idea to your boss, your personality to the opposite sex, or your skills to a hiring manager, the MARKETING is where all the leverage lies.


I Plunged Myself Into All The Literature Available On Job-Hunting, Soaking Up Everything I Could About Hiring Psychology.


Then I took what I had learned and headed back out into the job market to do a little “field testing.” Some things worked; some things didn’t.


But I Kept Tweaking This 'Raw' Concept.


As time went on, I developed an edge where most people were sleepwalking. I didn’t see one door open for me—many doors began to FLY open.


With every resume I turned in, more employers called to arrange interviews. With every phone call, more and more led to sitting in an office discussing my future.


Finally, All My Work Paid Off…


I was offered a position starting at $48,000.


At first, I was ecstatic with accomplishment, but after some careful research, I decided the company was a bad choice for me....



STOP: Think About This For A Minute.


Just weeks before I was devastated about not finding work, and there I was turning down a job. Was I crazy?


Not at all. Here’s why:



Everything had changed.


Instead Of Hearing The Typical, "It Was Very Nice To Meet You, Landon. We'll Be In Touch." (Yeah Right!) I Started Hearing These Words: "You're Hired!"


I received 6 offers by the time I graduated. One from one of the most competitive firms in my industry—$55,000 a year with great benefits.


After using some powerful negotiation strategies that I had developed along the way…


I Negotiated A Salary Of $60,000 Per Year!


To me, this wasn't just about a new career...


I no longer needed to worry about bills or the threat of unemployment. I’d never have to turn to my parents or the government to save me. I'd never have to settle for a job that sucked the life out of me.


And if I lost my job, I could easily get another, because I knew a side of the hiring process that other people DIDN’T EVEN KNOW EXISTED.


Because When My Unemployed Friends Realized The RESULTS Of My Methods, They Begged Me For My Secret!


So I developed a system, a series of steps anyone could follow to get their dream job. I coached friends who went on to get their own interviews and their own success and people started calling me the “Interview Mastermind.”


One friend of mine even used my methods to get a $10,000 raise!


Here’s his story…


So I started coaching college seniors I didn’t even know—people with no one else to turn to. The ‘buzz’ around my methods grew bigger and BIGGER until finally one of my buddies called me up and said,


"You Should Write An E-Book And Sell It Online Because You Could Really Help People During This Depressing Economy!"


So that's exactly what I did. I wrote down everything I’d learned in an entertaining story designed to keep you engaged. The book is called “The Unspoken Rules of Getting Hired: Recession-Proof Secrets That Employers DO NOT Want You To Know”.


I guarantee you've never been taught this stuff before, and once I show you how hiring works…it’s all going to make perfect sense.



Chapter 1: The Suicide Caller


Chapter 2: Initiation


Chapter 3: Unfamiliar Territory


Chapter 4: Demonstrating Value


Chapter 5: Complications


Chapter 6: The Inner Circle


Chapter 7: Judgment Day


Chapter 8: Verdict


You know at this point, I could easily tell you that this book, will make all the difference in your job search if you APPLY what you learn from it.


The trouble is… I have more stuff to say and more stuff to show you… So, I’ll be quick.


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All This is Yours For Much Less Than You'd Spend on a Tank of Gas!


When I was going through the "trial and error" phase, I could spend hundreds of dollars, sometimes even over a thousand dollars, trying to figure this stuff on my own... and I'm sure I spent far more than that on all the time I wasted in trying the advice I got from so-called "interview experts" that didn't work. And in some cases, made my employment situation worse.


It was a hard and very expensive lesson. One you may have learned yourself.


So here's what I've done with my "Unspoken Rules of Getting Hired" eBook... I've decided to slash the normal fee I've been charging for this book.


I know. It's like a quarter of what I normally charge. But I want to make sure this book is accessible to everyone who has the burning desire to have the career of their dreams, and a better life. I don't want to leave ANYONE out...


Who Is This Book For?



Who Doesn't Need This Book?




     Listen, I want you to know up front this stuff is NOT for everybody. If you're a "pipe dreamer", or if you're the type of person who buys books like this and then lets them gather dust on your shelf, or if you're someone who likes to talk about it rather than do it, then please THIS ISN'T FOR YOU.


This Is NOT Just About Getting Jobs: Obviously, The Unspoken Rules of Getting Hired works like crazy when you're getting a job... but that's not all it's used for.


The Unspoken Rules of Getting Hired is a system of communication that makes employers and hiring managers magnetically drawn to you... bringing them under your influence so they happily give you a career.


The amazing thing about it is it's totally under the radar.


While your competition is out there begging employers to hire them, The Unspoken Rules of Getting Hired teaches you to influence them in more subtle ways. You're perceived to be more of an ASSET than just another job seeker.


This results in employers wanting to hire you... and never giving you up to one of their competitors. So if you want to put The Unspoken Rules of Getting Hired to work for you, I'm happy to get you started.


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Order “The Unspoken Rules of Getting Hired” today.

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I guarantee you've never been taught this stuff before, and once I show you how to do it ...you'll never go back to the "old way" again.


Imagine Where You Will Be 60 Short Days From Right Now...


Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Now imagine yourself 60 days from now... Your working at a job that you love... you are moving on with the next chapter of your life... you can finally finish out your senior year without worrying about finding a job after you graduate...


Most people, when they go back home after college, they can't believe how depressed everyone looks in their unemployed situations... but there's always that one person who seems to have defied the economy... Can you imagine being that one person that everyone is talking about because you knew something that others didn't? Can you imagine what it's like to suddenly be that person that everyone else envies? I know it's not really very "mature" to think about it that way... but it does feel great...


FACT: I Can't Take The Next Step For You...


The other possibility, of course, is that you don't try reading the "Unspoken Rules of Getting Hired"... you choose not to give yourself these benefits... I don't need to tell you what the result of that will be... because you're living it right now. If you think being broke, unemployed, and living with your parents is inevitable... I can tell you its not. I can tell from the very fact that you are still reading this letter that you must have the same ambition that I did to get the most fulfilling career that you can and make the best of your life.


I just KNOW that you want more for yourself. And I believe in YOU. I believe that with just a few simple ideas and changes you really CAN get the amazing benefits that I have been talking about in this letter. Click the link below and start reading right NOW!


Remember: The bonuses and price can only be found on this site and are available for a limited time.


I can't wait to see you on the other side!


Landon Long



Special Bonus: 60 Day Risk Free Offer and Save $20

Try this eBook RISK FREE And Also Receive:

  • Unspoken Rules of Getting Hired eBook
  • First Impressions eBook
  • 45 Questions & Answers Manifesto
  • Job Interview Style Guide
  • "Top-Shelf" Resume Template
  • Resume Power Words & Phrases Swipe File
  • DHV Story Worksheet


Regular Price: $44.97 Your Price: $24.97 Purchase Policies DOWNLOAD RISK FREE