Good Resume Writing: 3 Tricks For Keeping Yours At The Top Of The Stack

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good resume writingAs you have probably figured out, getting your resume out there is not enough.  Job competition has gotten fierce, and you want to master good resume writing that can get yours to the top of the stack and keep it there.  Here are 3 simple tricks for doing just that:

1.  Do Some Research

While research is important for when you talk to the employer in an actual interview so that you can show you have prepared, it is also crucial in order to find out what buttons to push both in the job resume and in the interview should you get that far.  Zero in on what the employer needs by reviewing position postings in local newspapers or online.  Realize that postings on different platforms may have varying amounts of information, and you can dig up some real nuggets by doing some searching around.

Networking with people who know about the company or the industry can also do wonders, or you can speak with people who currently work at the company without revealing that you are applying for a position, or at least without revealing exactly who you are.  You can also get informative interviews ahead of time or just do good old fashioned research about the company and industry in general, this will actually lead you to good resume writing.

2.  Strategically Position Your Information

Good resume writing is laid out with the realization in mind that no one is going to pick up your resume intending to read it from start to finish.  Not at all.  Experts have shown that screeners and hiring managers scan the resumes instead, looking mostly for disqualifiers but also for stuff that jumps out at them.

You can minimize the risk of obvious disqualifiers by paying attention to the details, but you can also maximize the chance of them catching goodies by placing them all in the top third of your resume document.  Good organization and use of bullet points and headings can also make your selling points jump off the paper.

3.  Don’t Hide Behind Your Resume

Never forget that the resume is not playing a supporting role in your hunt for that dream career; it is not the star of the job search show.  Some people mistakenly think of the job process as a numbers game, convinced that if they send out enough resumes a job will materialize from their efforts.

The truth is that the resume is one small part, and you must combine good resume writing with good networking skills.  It’s appropriate to email a resume or post it on a website for a company that takes online posting, but if you don’t back up these moves with some extreme networking tactics, you are going to keep rolling and rolling the dice with no guarantee anything will ever land in your favor.

It is humans that make hiring decisions.  Get face to face with them, show them you are human as well, and communicate how your skills can add great value to their company through good resume writing.

Any other good ideas on standing out in this job climate or about good resume writing skills that can help you showcase your strengths in a subtle yet powerful way?  Post a comment and fill us in.

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