4 Great Interview Questions To Ask Employers

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prepare your great interview questions

Ask great interview questions to turn the tables on the hiring manager. This allows you to demonstrate how clever you are by switching up the normal interview format of passively sitting by while being scrutinized by a hiring manager. Asking great interview questions to the person conducting the interview is an excellent way of showing your dedication. Being a passive participant doesn’t make you stand out. Get ready to shine with this primer on great interview questions to ask a potential employer.

  1. How Many Team Members Will I Be Working With?– This is one of the great interview questions to ask because the vast majority of employees don’t operate like Lone World McQuade. Being an employee is being part of a team. Employers like team players. Show that you’re willing to be a good partner by being curious about who and how many coworkers you’ll be signing on with.

  2. What’s On The Horizon For The Company This Year?– Beyond simply conducting business, a company always has a greater overarching objective in mind. Great interview questions demonstrate that you have more than just a passing interest in getting the job. Nothing shows this more than asking what is in store for the company. Not only does this make you look good but it also sheds some light on the prospects of this potential employer. Perhaps they’re in the middle of a shakeup or are about to switch to a new computer system. Knowing these things before day one gives you an edge as a well informed new hire by asking great interview questions.

  3. What Challenges Will We Face In The Next Quarter?– Conducting business isn’t always a smooth process and asking great interview questions focused on some of the upcoming hurdles is always a smart move. This prepares you for any potential difficulties on your first day. Always look before you leap. Perhaps some of the challenges are so drastic that you might want to reconsider this job. However, more often than not this shows that you’re savvy enough to know that all businesses face problems. Benefit from this knowledge before you even sit down at your desk. G.I. Joe said it best, knowing is half the battle.

  4. Am I A New Hire Or A Replacement?– Inquire about the position’s history with one of these great interview questions. If this is a new position, expect to have additional tasks with your job. You may be granted more freedom to define your position and flesh out how it functions. Or you may be needlessly micromanaged by a supervisor who is unsure about what to expect from this newly minted position. Even if you’re a replacement it’s important to know who came before you. This lets you know if this occupation has a high turnaround rate due to some unforeseen or unadvertised stress or strain.

These great interview questions can make you a far better informed applicant than the competition. Not only will you be more knowledgeable about that job but you’ll show that you’re taking this whole process seriously. Who knows, after asking these questions you may be a little more cautious about accepting the position. The only way to find out is to ask great interview questions.

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