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Advanced Interviewing Techniques “4 WEEK ADVANCED INTERVIEWING TECHNIQUES” At Home Study Course
How would you feel if you had all the skills necessary to literally walk out the door and get the job you deserve? How would your friends react when money no longer became an issue and your mood elevated to relaxed and collected? They would probably ask you what you had done to achieve such great success, and you would probably tell them about this program.

Our Home Study Course is so dangerously effective that we’re inclined to put a warning on it. Seriously. We’re afraid that such a sudden change in interviewing tactics could potentially drive employers (and interviewees) mad. However, this change is necessary. The interviewing game has been flipped upside down because of the economy. It’s time you got on the same page as those people who are already making the most of their interviews and getting into the jobs they deserve.

This program includes a “Member Only” support website, “Member Only” personal interview advice blog, LIVE bi-weekly Question and Answer sessions with Landon, and so much more.


One-on-One Session Private “One-on-One” Sessions With Landon

Rose’s Private Package of 1-on-1 phone coaching is by application only. Please EMAIL LANDON to set up a FREE 15 minute consultation to see if this program is for you.