How Do I Write A Resume That’s Irresistible?

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how do i write a resumeYou might be asking yourself, “Self, how do I write a resume that not only makes me look professional and fills expectations but is irresistible on its own?”  Great question, and that’s exactly the mentality you should be taking to the resume writing process.  Getting this document in their hands is not enough; you need to grab attention, hold it, and secure an interview.

How do I write a resume that’s irresistable? Here are 3 great tips to get you started.

1.  Go for Visual Appeal

Yep, we are a bunch of shallow creature, us humans, and one thing that appeals to use more than anything is visual appeal.  This is why attractive people often have a better fighting chance in an interview (don’t worry, if you look like Gollum, learning about attraction psychology can still get you more dates than Hugh Heffner), and the same applies to getting hired.

Your resume can be made attractive as well.  No one’s going to start making out with it and offering to give it a better future, but a visually appealing resume is more likely to get read and more likely to be taken seriously.  In your ‘How do I write a resume’ concerns, visual aspects to keep in mind are a limited number of fonts, good organization, and liberal use of white space.

2.  Put Selling Points Front and Center

If you still have that how do I write a resume problem, another trick to creating a good resume is putting all the biggest points right where the eyes naturally fall, and this is right in the center of the document.  You want to make it as easy as possible for the employer to see your message, and the trick to doing this is setting it up so that a scan will pick up the key points.

A resume layout should draw the reader in—catching their attention with that valuable info so that they pause and take a closer look.  Also, use bullets with short headings in order to communicate the main benefits, with this, your how do I write a resume concerns would be perfectly answered.

3.  Provide Hardcore Supporting Info With Proof

Any jackass can walk in and say they are the best damn film producer this side of their own imagination, but nothing speaks louder in a resume than proof.  Back up your claims whenever possible and show that you are the real deal.  They expect you to talk yourself up, and any candidate worth their salt will, but evidence takes the guesswork out of your claims and sets you apart.

I’m glad you’re asking yourself, “How do I write a resume that is not like all the others?’ That shows you realize there is more to this process than playing a numbers game. These 3 quick tips can give you a lot of leverage in standing out and securing the next step in the process. Check out some of our other articles about writing powerful resumes, or leave your own questions, comments, and tips below.

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