How To Write A Job Resume: 4 Tips For Standing Out In The Modern Age

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how to write a job resumeHow to write a job resume is your first effort to get your foot in the door, and if you don’t make a strong impression, you might not get in there at all, at least not with this company.  Or until the next time they hire.  So unless you want to wait around for the “better man” to get shit-canned, you need to get it right the first time.  And one of the best ways to do that is stand out.

Here are 4 proven tips about how to write a job resume and stand out in the modern day job-hunting climate.

1.  Include a Portfolio with Your Resume

This underrated trick might even come across as common sense, but it amazes me how many people fail to use it.  The thing is that most job-hunters feel they do not have enough working experience or that a portfolio doesn’t apply to the industry, but this is an area where creativity can go a long way.

What better way to give an employer an idea of what you are capable of than simply showing them.  If your job is based around a special skill, consider preparing either a collection of past works or something specific for showcasing your skills and turn it in with the resume.

Not only do you stand out because you’ve done something no one else is doing, but now they have one candidate they know can produce results on one hand, and a handful of mystery candidates who they still have to analyze to even get an idea of what to expect.

2.  E-resume

If you are trying to figure out how to write a job resume in a way that it really gets out to the most employers possible, you should set up a resume on the web. is one fantastic place to make your presence and availability known, and the social networking platform allows you to build relationships and network.

More and more employers are looking for qualified candidates on LinkedIn, and simply having a presence there can help you stumble across opportunities or make opportunities stumble across you, while you are sleeping.

3.  Audio Resume

Stand out while at the same time making the interviewer’s job easier by making an audio version of your resume.  This can inject a lot of personality into the brief presentation and is still a novel enough approach that it will not be forgotten.  You can upload the audio with your online resume or burn it to a cd and hand it in with the hard copy version.

4.  Video Resume

Video has taken the Internet and the world by storm, and everyone is an amateur filmmaker these days.  Now, savvy interviewees are capitalizing on this platform by making video resumes, and there is no better way to let your personality shine through other than lurking over their shoulder as the read your resume, which might not go over well.  Embrace technology and make your voice heard.

These 4 simple tricks offer some fresh ideas on how to write a job resume that is current and clued in.

Do you have any more ideas on how to write a job resume?  Let’s hear them.

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