3 Tips On How To Write A Resume Objective That Sells

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how to write a resume objectiveAre you sitting there staring at the computer screen, trying to figure out how to write a resume objective that gets the point across without sounding corny?  Like a corporate mission statement, your objective can immediately communicate to the employer (your customer) exactly what you are all about and what makes you different.  Not to mention that it comes at the very beginning of the document and immediately communicates to them what you are offering.

If you want to know how to write a resume objective that hits your point home, here are 3 components you need to include:

1. The Position You Want.

The first thing to do in mastering how to write a resume objective is by stating exactly what position you are interested in.  Never use vague statements like “I want a job in office admin” or “I’m looking to get a paycheck every month so here’s my resume.”

Stating the specific title you are pursuing not only clarifies to a gatekeeper where it should go but also eliminates confusion if more than one position is being filled.  Furthermore, it shows that you are informed and interested in a particular job rather than just casting a wide net and seeing what you can land.

2. Key Skills That Qualify

Again, the resume objective is right there in the beginning, so it’s time to quickly summarize the main selling points of the document in order to get them reading further. Knowing how to write a resume objective is to identify the 3 main skills that you bring to the job and encapsulate them in this statement.

Keep in mind that it’s not adequate to simply talk about what you are best at doing.  You don’t want to walk into a brokering firm ranting and raving about how you cook a mean cheeseburger and can down 3 Coors Lights at a time in your roommates beer bong.

Relevance is key, and sometimes establishing relevance takes a little help.  You might have skills that seem unrelated, but you can often “package” them in a way that shows employers how they apply to the position at hand. That is very important in knowing how to write a resume objective and writing a resume as a whole.

3. The Benefits or Value to an Employer

As always, you need to get into the mindset of recognizing that the employer is happy you have skills and everything, but what really matters to them is how that transfers into value for the company.  Sure, they can figure that out on their own, but it is very effective to simply spell it out for them and shows that you are on the same wavelength.  Tell them exactly how you are an asset to their company.

If you want to know how to write a resume objective, liken the process to developing a USP, or unique selling position, for a new company.  Because that is what you are really doing—selling yourself to them.  What do people want to know when they buy or invest in something?  What is its purpose, what can it do, and how does that translate into value for me? In managing and learning how to write a resume objective, you are actually adding points to your resume thus would actually give you a leverage in the position being applied for.

Do you have any examples or tips on how to write a resume objective that worked well for you in the past?  Any tips on what you think employers are looking for.  Leave a comment below.

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