3 Interview Tips A Child Can Teach You

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If it wasn’t for child labor laws, kids would be a hard demographic to compete with in the workplace. Obviously this is simple hyperbole but children have an uncanny knack to find creative solutions to problems that otherwise baffle adults. Furthermore, children possess a razor sharp mind for learning and inventiveness. All in all, kids can present themselves in very imaginative ways that grabs people’s attention. Beyond sending your kid off to work as a chimney sweep, take a few lessons on how the viewpoint of a child can help you ace your next interview. Here are three tips that can help you land a job by resorting to thinking outside of the box.

  1. Imagination
    Before you can get to an interview, you have to find a job. A child has an incredibly active imagination, usually far more developed than many adults. Personal experiences and maturity diminish the power of people’s imaginations because living in the real world forces adults to become grounded in facts and figures, thinking about what works and, more importantly, what doesn’t work. A kid has the luxury of indulging their creative side and can present some interesting solutions that many college graduates aren’t always capable of working out. Therefore, when seeking a job or going in for an interview, be inventive. Create a video blog with professional flourishes that allows you market yourself to employers in an entertaining and concise way.
  2. No Bore
    Children are the antithesis of boring and as you head into an interview, embrace this spirit. Hiring managers and interviewers have seen plenty of boring people walk through their doors. Every is so self conscious during an interview and trying to be as dry and professional as possible. Shake things up by opting to be energetic and enthused to be interviewing. Show your excitement. Even if you need to pound a couple cups of coffee on the way in, bring up the level of energy in the room by talking about yourself in an excited and energetic way.
  3. No Fear
    Kids have fewer life experiences that teach them to be cautious and wary of their environment. Children dive right in, with little thought of their own safety. Embrace this spirit and enter your interview like a daredevil. Fear nothing. Obviously this is hard to pull off overnight. Still, work yourself up into a job getting machine. Strip away your inhibitions and fears when you enter an interview. The hiring manager will take notice of your state of mind and this can certainly distance you from other candidates.

These lessons from a child can be hard to implement but it helps to keep in mind that there are other options to being a dry, boring adult.

Have you embraced your inner child in the workplace or on an interview? Post a comment and let everyone know.

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