5 More Ways to Not Bomb Your Next Interview

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An earlier article listed five ways that people typically sabotage themselves during an interview but realizing that there are far more than merely five, here is a follow up list of five more ways you can unintentionally bomb your next job interview.

  1. Not Listening
    There are many ways candidates don’t listen during interviews. While nerves may be to blame, most commonly interviewees are more concerned with trying to anticipate the next question thereby allowing most of what the interviewer is saying to go over their head. Don’t fall into this trap. Absorb every detail of what that person is saying to you so that you can be prepared to respond. Very often referring back to a point the interviewer made is a good way to demonstrate that you are not only listening but paying attention. Drifting off is never a good way to participate in an interview.
  2. Under or Over Dressed
    Make sure you come dressed to impress during an interview. Showing up in pajamas or a t-shirt is likely a poor choice when looking for a desk job while showing up in a tuxedo will probably make you look like an idiot
    if you opt for a more hands on field.
  3. Disingenuous Behavior
    It’s reinforced over and over again but you should always be yourself during an interview. Putting on an act or being fake may seem like a good way to tell an interviewer what they want to hear but it can often backfire or, in worse cases, show through and point out that you’re being phony. If you’re not comfortable with who you are going into an interview it is likely that the job position isn’t for you.
  4. Passiveness
    Sitting back in your chair during an interview, looking bored, tired or just not demonstrating enthusiasm is a quick way to damn your job chances. Interviewers want candidates that actually want to be working.  laying the slacker may be cute at home but it isn’t going to impress anyone in the professional world. Be excited for the job even if you’re not sure if you’ll get it. It can only help your chances.
  5. Being Unprepared
    This may be the biggest interview killer of them all. Showing up rushed or unprepared shows. Make sure you are on time, with materials in hand such as extra resumes and cover letters and that you know what you’re walking in to. Don’t pull the college kid routine and walk in ten minutes late without materials and think everything is going to be ok. It won’t be.

Ever bomb an interview? Ever score a big success? Sound off below in the comment section and share your experiences.

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