5 Ways To Not Bomb Your Next Interview

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Going on an interview is undoubtedly a stressful event. You’re in the hot seat, going one on one with someone who can determine your career prospects. The opportunity to mess up and spoil your chances is pretty high
when your nerves start to get the better of you. While interviewers are often forgiving of jitters and nerves, there are still many ways you can blow your own interview. Here are five common mistakes people can make that sink your job chances during an interview.

  1. Improper Research
    Surprisingly, a lot of people go into interviews not fully aware of the duties and responsibilities of their potential position. Not researching properly can result in a sufficient lack of knowledge that shows when an
    interviewer begins asking your impressions about the spot you’re shooting for and all you can muster up is a few ‘uhs’ and ‘ums’.
  2. Lack of Company Knowledge
    This is similar to the previous entry but you can sink your job interview by not properly understanding your potential employer. Nothing is more embarrassing during an interview than being clueless about what
    your possible employer actually does. It might be a good idea to know that you’re working for a company that makes bombs or missiles before starting on your first day.
  3. Selling Yourself Short
    While interviews can be stressful; you need to make sure you are still presenting yourself in a positive light. This means marketing your abilities and selling yourself to that interviewer. Tell the person across the table from you what it is you can do in concrete terms. Don’t be passive and expect your resume to speak for you. Self promotion is an integral part of the job process that doesn’t stop at the interview room. Bring it all the way until you actually are brought onboard.
  4. Vagueness
    An interview not only is a more in depth look at the abilities of a potential employer but it is a way to clarify vague or murky information on someone’s resume. A common mistake for many resume writers is that they write in simplified, uncertain terms. An interview helps clear up misunderstandings andvagueness. Be sure to give detailed answers to questions rather than just yes or no.
  5. Not Engaging
    A common mistake for many people is assuming an interview is a one way street. It isn’t. There is ample time for candidates to ask questions of the interviewer and it is actually encouraged, if not expected, that both
    parties ask questions of each other. Think of an interview as more of a dialogue rather than an interrogation. Feel free to ask plenty of questions as it will reflect well on you by demonstrating your interest in the job.

Any instances where you bombed a job interview by not adhering to these guidelines? Sound off in the comment section and let us know.

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