Do You Stand Out During An Interview?

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Going on an interview is just like having a first date. There’s plenty of nervousness, potential to be awkward, ample sweating and even the chance to get lucky, with different connotations in both instances, after the whole affair. However, how do you standout during an interview? It can be a fine line to walk, trying to simultaneously standout while not looking for like a sore thumb doing so.

So many interviewers and corporate headhunters are jaded individuals. They’ve seen it all pretty much. It makes sense. They’ve conducted doze, if not hundreds, of interviews so they have had their fair share of differing personalities. Nevertheless, the opportunity does exist to impress these individuals who can be hard to move.

The best way to tackle this problem is to first examine what you shouldn’t do. In an interview, frills and excesses should be kept to a minimum. While you need to impress these folks, you shouldn’t look like you’re trying too hard to go over the top. This is a professional setting after all. Don’t pay personal complements in this case. They will not do you any good. Saying that the person interviewing you looks hot won’t do you any favors. Only in cheesy and unrealistic romantic comedies do crass pickup attempts work. Save that for your fantasies.

Also, don’t work too hard to be funny or charming. Humor is a hard thing to pull off. That’s why so many comedians bomb again and again before they find the right winning formula. If you try and be funny and it fails, it’s going to fail hard. Charming is a little easier to do but you want to maintain that professional barrier between you and the person interviewing you. There isn’t anything wrong with being a smooth talker but too much of it is going to make you seem unprofessional and maybe even inappropriate.

So, what are you supposed to do to standout during an interview? Be relaxed. Be comfortable. Know what you’re going to say. Project an image of knowing calmness. Sweating and glancing around nervously will work against you but some people just can’t help this. Combat this by having prepared statements handy. Rehearse before going on an interview. Keep in mind concrete facts and figures that you can present as things you bring to a table. Don’t just say you “worked hard” at your last job. Everyone says that. Say HOW you’ve worked hard and what you did. This will make you standout during an interview as someone who not only is prepared but knows what they’re talking about.

Any interviews you’ve nailed? Bombed even? Talk about it in the comment section and share your experiences.

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