WEIRD Interview Advice (You’ll LOL When You Read This…)

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laughing help you slim downIt’s cliché to say that laughter is the best medicine. How many times has that phrase been bandied about? However, a growing body of data has found that laughter not only has positive health benefits but it also can help enhance a person’s presence in both social situations and in the work place. Shouldn’t you try to laugh a bit more in your everyday life?

Laughter acts as a nature de-stressor. It’s pretty intuitive, right? People feel better after laughing. They’re calmer, more at ease and appear happier after a good laugh. There’s a scientific reason for this. Laughing improves the flow of oxygen in the blood. Increased oxygen flow equates with quicker healing times, hence the enduring popularity of Patch Adams-esque approaches to medicine, and greater circulation, which helps the vascular system. The increased circulation helps lower the heart rate and expands one’s arteries. The heart really does benefit from laughing.

Furthermore, laughing can also help you slim down. As you laugh your metabolism is stimulated through the increased flow of oxygen and blood. This in turn amps up your ability to burn calories and to shed extra pounds. A full minute of laughter, according to Neurologist Henri Rubenstein, provides 45 minutes of subsequent relaxation. Doesn’t that sound better than a stress ball? To stress the health benefits once more, 100 laughs equal a 10 minute workout on a rowing machine.

Despite these health benefits, people laugh less as they grow older. Studies have shown that the average adult only laughs about 15 times a day. Why so serious? A young child usually laughs upwards of 400 times a day.

These benefits can translate into workplace success through keeping a lighter frame of mind. Laughing encourages bonding. Humor and the process of laughing is a social interaction that often can help break the ice. Don’t you laugh more in a room full of people than when you’re sitting home alone? However, only a small percentage of laughter comes from telling jokes. Most laughter is derived from sharing life experiences, making observations and just expressing yourself in a positive way. Can sharing life experiences be a bit of a bummer sometimes? Of course. Life isn’t always rosy. Nevertheless, simply smiling and talking is an effective way to make a good impression on an interviewer or a coworker than sitting with a scowl and frowning.

Advertisers have hit on the importance of humor. Just think of all the advertisements that use humor to sell products. The better performed the joke or skit the more memorable the ad is. Isn’t that why the biggest advertising day of the year, the Super Bowl, is filled with dozens of humorous commercials? Remembering to keep things light and to venture into the job market with a smile is a sure way to be memorable and upbeat. Quit being such a stuffed shirt all the time. Laughter, they’re a dime a dozen.

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