How To Interview For A Job: 5 Stupidly Simple Tips To Get YOU Hired

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how to interview for a job you needLearning how to interview for a job is more of an ongoing process than a cut and dry ‘class is in session’ type thing. The knowledge you pick up as you learn how to interview for a job over the course of an occupation search furthers you along the road to success. However, while experience is the best teacher it helps to have an ace up your sleeve. Review these five stupidly simple tips on how to interview for a job and be ready to score big.

  1. Presentation– Understanding how to interview for a job comes with accepting that attitude is certainly factored in by future employers. Carry yourself in a professional manner. Don’t put your feet up on the desk of the hiring manager. That’s an assured way to find yourself continually unemployed. Act professional when looking to become a professional.

  2. Packaging– As you learn how to interview for a job you’ll notice that appearance plays a big part. It’s sad but true that looks sometimes factor in to the hiring process. This isn’t so much of a beauty contest as a fashion show. While it may seem shallow to say this, dress your best when you’re just starting to learn how to interview for a job. Even if your job may be down at the local mall strike a pose by dressing to the nines.

  3. Body Language- While you may be as eloquent as Cicero when answering all the questions that are thrown your way during an interview. Nowever, the responses can be rendered meaningless if your body language is off. A great deal of communication is non-verbal. Learn how to interview for a job by controlling your reactions. Rehearsing how to answer the typical interview questions is fine and all, but you need to sell it. Sweating bullets sometimes cannot be helped but if you’re crossing your arms and shaking your head as you answer every question you might as well be signaling that everything you’re saying is a lie.
  4. Assertiveness- Being passive as you learn how to interview for a job may seem natural because you are the one on trial when applying for a job. You are the one being interviewed. However, demonstrate your eagerness for this job by being assertive. Ask questions. Follow up with open ending responses. Show that you want to work there by taking an interest in the job environment.
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  6. Humility- While promoting yourself is great as you learn how to interview for a job, doing so with a bit of humility can be quite endearing. No one likes a pompous jerk. Don’t be that person in your interview. Ask questions but don’t turn the tables on the hiring manager. Be respectful.

Just remember to mind your Ps and Qs when on an interview. You really only get one shot at making this impression. Make sure it’s a good one. Keep these tips in mind as you learn how to interview for a job.

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