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The most archetypal interview question sample available is why. Why should you be hired for this job? Although very inherently simple and an immensely basic interview question sample, the query itself is quite bold. Almost offensive or off putting when first heard during an interview. A potential employer usually asks this question because it is so direct and confrontation that it screams to be asked from their perspective.

Think of it this way when pondering this interview question sample. Examine it from their vantage point. From all of the potential applicants who applied what makes you so special? They’re just trying to find the best person for the job. They can’t rely on hiring anyone that just has a pretty face. They need someone with substance and staying power, not a flash in the pan. The best defense against this interview question sample is to look deep inside and respond truthfully and honestly.

This interview question sample, why should you be hired, demands that you turn inwards and examine yourself. Do you have what it takes to get this job? While you are obviously qualified if you have come this far it still begs the question if you are personally ready. You may have the tools at your disposal, a proper education and potentially relevant job experience, and the talent to craft yourself in a certain way that gets you noticed, but do you have the knowledge of self?

Deep soul searching is important when preparing for this interview question sample. You may spend hours beforehand rehearsing what you plan on saying but once the moment comes that preparation may not hold up. It’s important to truly know and feel why you should be hired. Getting a job solely for a paycheck is an honorable intention, everyone has bills to pay, but using that as your sole response to this interview question sample simply won’t due.

Saying you’re doing it just for the money doesn’t work because practically everyone is doing it for the money. People wouldn’t do the nine the five grind out of the kindness of their own hearts. People get up at the crack of dawn so they can put some cash in the bank every Friday. Beating this interview question sample relies on knowing yourself. Understand what you are capable of and how you’re able to contribute to the job. A clear sign that you haven’t dug deep enough is when you begin to stutter and sweat when this question is posed to you.

Interviewing is stressful. However, it is just another hurdle to overcome on the way to netting that potential job. Know why you should be hired. Know why this job can only be for you. Understanding those concepts will let you slamdunk this interview question sample.

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