4 Interview Questions For Teachers You Cannot Afford To Screw Up

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frequently asked interview questions for teachers

Interview questions for teachers often come couched differently from most other professions. Being a teacher is a position of power that has with it certain responsibilities many other jobs don’t. Interview questions for teachers often reflect what you can do for the children. Being a teacher really is about being there for your students, not for yourself. Schools know this and seek out the most dedicated, knowledgeable and caring applicants that they can find. Therefore, it is incredibly important that you are operating at you’re A+ best. School is in session with this coacher for interview questions for teachers.

  1. What Is Your Teaching Philosophy?– One of the key interview questions for teachers is usually based around your teaching philosophy. What method of instruction do you favor? Administrators will invariably ask some variation of this essential question. Just focus on what you think works for students. This depends on the level of school you intend to teach. Do you feel younger students should be free to roam and develop on their own with lots of open time? Or do they need a guiding hand that structures their development?

  2. Who Inspired You To Become A Teacher?– Another of the guaranteed interview questions for teachers stems from the simple query of why. Why do you want to teach? Many interviews throw this curveball at prospective applicants. Beyond answering that you want a paycheck, reply to this question with what got you interested in education. There has to be some spark that ignited the passion to teach within you. Dredge up why you went to college in the first place to answer this possible interview question.

  3. What Are Your Credentials?- This is less of a question and more of a preparation. When you set off to run the gamut of interview questions for teachers make sure you are thoroughly accredited and certified. Don’t embarrass yourself by not completing all the necessary, although tedious, accreditation that comes with being a teacher. Indeed, you’ll most likely never make it to an interview without getting yourself squared away.
  4. Can You Describe Your Favorite Teacher?- This falls in line with the second question but is a little more personal. One of the many pertinent interview questions for teachers stems around who you consider to be your favorite teacher and why. Many teachers are motivated into being educators by having had an instructor that delivered in the past. Ponder what teacher had the biggest impact on you. Did you want to be a teacher after having class this individual? Focus on your favorite teacher of all time and say why you want to be like that person when asked this potential interview questions for teachers.

Focus on your motivations when it comes to answering interview questions for teachers. Your motivation is drives you and propelled you forward on your journey. So don’t stop believing and face down those tough interview questions for teachers with determination.

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