6 Unusual Interview Tips: How Dating Advice Can Save Your Next Job Interview

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Interview Tips to FollowWomen’s magazines offer tips on everything from the latest fashion to better sex, but as it turns out, our favorite dating tips can just as easily be vital interview tips.

Anyone that has ever been on a blind date can tell you that a job interview can be just as excruciating.  Whether it’s a first date or a first interview, it all comes down to the same thing – selling yourself.  Some of the best interview tips have been disguised as dating advice all along.

Here are six common dating tips that double as crucial interview tips as well:

1. Put On A Happy Face

The first of these key interview tips is to keep it light.  Just as dates don’t need to know that your roommate’s cousin’s neighbor’s puppy was run over by a truck, an interviewer doesn’t need to hear another person complaining about today’s job market.  Maintaining a positive attitude is key.  Not only is it contagious, turning negatives into positives can impress employers.

2.  Kenny Rogers on Dating and Interview Tips?

As the man said, “You gotta know when to hold ‘em.” Over-sharing can be as disastrous in interviewing as it is in dating.  No one needs to know that you were voted most likely to commit a felony in high school.  Maintaining some mystery can be enticing.  These interview tips apply to Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In as well.  Take a good look at your profile and remove anything you wouldn’t want your potential boss/mate knowing. Remember, HR has internet access too.

3. Don’t Talk Smack About Your Ex

Not often seen amongst common interview tips is the rule of “no badmouthing.” If you speak poorly about an old boss, what are you potentially going to say about them? A date might not particularly want to know why things didn’t work out with your ex, but a hiring manager does.   Continuously dissing old bosses is not only is it tacky, but it sets up expectations that are impossible to live up to.

4. People Judge Books by Their Covers, Especially from the Back

First impressions are crucial, so how you present yourself is important.  One of the best interview tips I can offer here is research.  Have an idea of what people will be wearing where you’re going.  Just as you don’t want to wear a cocktail dress to a baseball game, you don’t want to wear jeans to an interview with the Senior Vice President of a corporation.  Like all interview tips, err on the conservative side on this one.  Short skirts may get you attention, but they come with their fair share of preconceived notions.

5. Don’t Count Your Weasels Before They’ve Popped

Speaking as if you’ve already got the job is about as attractive as talking about marriage on the first date.  Even if things are going well, don’t be presumptuous.  Just as in dating, interviews are about getting to know each other – slowly.  Too much too soon is the fastest way to put yourself in the crazy column.

6. There Is No Such Thing As a Catalog

The last of our interview tips: neither relationships nor jobs are just a few clicks away.  I know what you’re thinking, “But my roommate’s cousin’s neighbor (not the one with the puppy) found her boyfriend online!”  Eharmony claims that it is responsible for only 2% of marriages in the United States.   As for job hunting, a study done by CareerXroads found that under 23% of jobs were found through sites such as Monster, Hotjobs, and Careerbuilder.  Though these numbers are growing, nothing beats actually putting yourself out there in the real world.
Who knew that interview tips were masquerading around as dating tips all this time? Whether you’re looking for Mr. Right or your next employer, it basically boils down to the same thing — putting yourself out there in the best light possible.  When it comes to dating or interviewing always remember, there are plenty of fish in the sea.  Now, if only dieting tips could double for interview tips this well.
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