An Interview To Die For: Top Three Interview Tips…For Zombies

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best interview tips guideDon’t let your recent transformation into a zombie deter you from finding the best interview tips out there.  You may be undead, but you still have to put your best foot forward – assuming it’s still attached, of course.

Here are three essential interview tips that will secure your place in the world of the employed undead.

Interview tip #1 – Be eloquent. The best interview tips can turn difficulties into opportunities.

This could be tricky considering you’re now likely limited to a series of moans and grunts – not to mention you could possibly be lacking lips.  However, critically acclaimed job hunter manual What Color is Your Parachute? advises that all interview answers should be kept under two minutes.  Establishing a temperate tone will allow you to enunciate your answers, however brief, within that given time.

Interview tip #2 – Look your best. This is one of many tried and true interview tips that goes for the living as well as the living dead.

Fallen limbs are no excuse for an unkempt appearance.  Make sure any and all signs of your previous human victims have been wiped off your face.  Wash what is left of your clothes, especially if you have recently emerged from your grave. Simply because your clothes are torn and tattered doesn’t mean you can’t iron them. Also, I’m afraid there is no way to tip toe around this. You smell.  Yes, it’s you.  Contrary to one of the strict interview tips for the living, you should invest in a decent cologne or perfume to help deter the stench of your rotting flesh.  Your interviewer will thank you.

Interview tip #3 – Don’t eat your interviewer’s brains. Of all interview tips, this is one to live…um, live dead…by.

Not only can this get messy, but it’s also simply bad form.  Plan ahead.  Make sure you’ve filled up on brains prior to the interview to avoid any temptations.  If the hiring manager was kind enough not to dwell on the lack of your left eyeball, the least you can do is be polite enough to keep his or her brains off the menu.

Hopefully, these simple interview tips can help ease your adjustment to Zombidom.  Just because you’re now a zombie, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have skills to offer a potential employer.  Remember these simple interview tips: if you communicate and present yourself well, and of course, avoid eating anyone, employment is sure to soon follow.  These interview tips are simply to die for, well, I guess you already did that.
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