3 Reasons Why To Never Contract Out Your Job Search

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The old axiom that time is money plays into today’s job market more and more as people are increasingly turning to professional job seekers to help them find a position so they can devote their time to other activities. While this may seem like a pretty sweet setup, there are a large number of drawbacks, such as paying these professionals, to acquiring the services of job search contractors that do the work for you.

Here are three reasons why you should avoid putting your trust entirely in these people’s hands, despite their qualifications that may otherwise indicate complete faith.


The first main reason to refrain from having someone else do your job hunting is that there is a great degree of disconnect between you and the job search process. Some people may like being catered to and pampered.  However, having everything handed to you on a silver platter isn’t the way the world works and it can be a big handicap down the road. A job search contractor often manages your resume, your social network sites and your job search profiles. This allows them to dictate a lot in terms of what jobs you ultimately are considered for. Being disconnected from your job search prevents you from becoming knowledgeable about what positions you are applying to and can often reduce your overall passion for these positions since a lack of knowledge often translates into poor interview performance.

Lack of Interactivity

Finding a job is more than just matching up skill sets. Very often there is an element of trusting your gut and relying on your feelings when it comes to applying for positions. Sometimes you see a job and just know you need to shoot for it, qualifications be damned. On the flipside, there are some positions or companies you know that you’re qualified to work at but you have no interest in doing so. Having someone doing the job hunting for you
limits the interaction between you and your hunt so that those feelings are never acted upon.

Identity Concerns

While most job search contractors are professionals with ethics and standards, the danger of having your identity stolen or personal information leaked does exist. There are always a few bad apples out there and handing over so much personal information to a complete stranger often leaves you in a precarious position when it comes to a professional client/provider relationship. Keep your identity protected and just do the work yourself.

    While saving time may sound like a good idea during your job hunt, getting a job is really a matter you should tackle head on and be deeply involved in.

    Ever used a job search contractor? Yay or nay? Drop a line in the comment section and share your experiences.
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