Are You Being Too “Needy” In Social Job Hunting Sites?

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The rise of social networking job hunting sites may seem like a great deal. It’s like combing wasting time on the computer with job hunting, also sometimes a waste of time on the computer. However, you get to kill two birds with one stone. Nevertheless, there are times where you can be too over eager on social networking sites that have a hiring component, such as LinkedIn. Here are four ways that you can be sabotaging your own chances of getting a job by making yourself too available. Follow the ancient axiom instead of beating a dead horse in this case; he’s just not that into you.

  1. Recruiter Attack- It’s like when you’re out at a bar and it’s a single girl’s birthday. Every guy mobs her because she’s an easy target. The same applies to how people treat job recruiters on social networking sites. However, in this case, the birthday girl isn’t buying what you’re selling. Just because someone lists their occupation as a job recruiter doesn’t mean they can get you a job. Don’t smother the person. Be cool about it. You’ll be doing yourself a disservice if you’re knocking down this person’s inbox with message after message about can they hook you up with a job. This is very pertinent to the next one…
  2. Stranger Danger- Another problem with confront a job recruiter on a social networking site is lack of familiarity. If you’re a friend of a job recruiter, it’s perfectly acceptable to approach that person and ask about a potential job. However, that same routine doesn’t apply when the person is a complete stranger. Don’t ‘friend’ a job recruiter just so you can bug him or her about a possible job. That’s likely a quick way to get a big, fat no.
  3. Name Dropping- Furthermore, if you’re trying to connect with job recruiters online, don’t send them an email or message just so you can name drop them. If you put on your application that you have been in contact with Jeff Smith over the past few weeks, the company is likely to check up on that and ask Jeff Smith. If he has never heard of you or only exchanged one or two messages, the chances are that will hurt your chances of a job.
  4. Lying- Finally, this is probably the most egregious sin you can commit when networking with a job recruiter online. Don’t start making up stories to impress him or her. Certainly do not proceed with a job inquiry at the company they represent by saying you have their blessing. That may work back home with the local girls but that doesn’t pass muster in the big leagues.

Just remembering, don’t make yourself to available. These people may have the jobs but they only select the most qualified or those who present themselves the best. Focus on that instead of banging down their doors online.

Make sense? Let me know if you’ve had any success going after job recruiters online in the comment section below.

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