Are You Looking Too Desperate During Your Job Search?

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Many of the articles written for this site advocate that you think outside of the box to get yourself noticed. Be bold. Be big. Be confident. However, this should always be done with a bit of common sense. While it certainly does pay to get your resume to stand out and to jump ahead of the herd, can this be taken too far? Is there a line you should always stay behind in order to not appear too desperate for a job?

There most certainly is. Looking like you want the job is certainly a plus on your end. However, there is a line between needy and
desperate, and not desperate as in you need money so you don’t starve, but desperate in the creepy, eerie, get away from me sort of way. Looking desperate is just a way of looking unprofessional. As much as businesses reward employees and job seekers who go above and beyond the call of duty, they still want their workers to maintain a level of dignity and professionalism with their work. This means take it easy on the callbacks, calm down on the emails and try not to barge into your potential boss’s office.

Beyond desperation, you also have the danger of being overconfident, even cocky, when approaching a potential job. There are tons of instances where people, in an effort to appear confident, go way over the line and turn off a prospective workplace due to their actions. Such deeds include being too personal on an interview, too showy with their resume, presuming you already have the job or just over stepping your bounds and making it seem that you’ve gone ahead and made the hiring decision on the employer’s behalf.

Restrain your brimming confidence if you can. There are times when you might apply to a position that you are needlessly overqualified for. However, approach the job with humility. If you’re applying to something you’re overqualified for, then you must be getting to the end of your options.  Sure it may be degrading having to wait tables when you have a Master’s, but
you applied to the job. No one forced you to suit up with some flair in the first place.

It may sound like trying to have your cake and eat it too, but the best way to approach a job is with a combination of confidence,
ambition and humility. Know when to strike forward and grab the attention of an employer and know when to back off and let things unfold. Looking too desperate or too cocky is a sure way to put the kibosh on your job chances.

Have you been guilty of any of these faux pas? Sound off below and share what you know.

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