COLLEGE GRADS: Are Your “Job” Standards Sabotaging Your Career Success?

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Everyone has been beating to death the idea that college graduates are going to have it so tough once they graduate. There’s talk of the job market being too competitive, that there aren’t enough jobs and that older people are returning to the workplace and taking all the good jobs because of their work experience. While that is all true to an extent, many college graduates often aim too low when applying for their first job fresh out of school.

Consider this analogy. You’ve been working hard and getting in shape all summer. You have never looked better and you are at the peak of your physical appearance. Perhaps you did this because you were unhappy with how you looked or you felt insecure. Regardless, it doesn’t matter why you did it, it matters that you did. You hit the bars looking for a date but you still aim low because you’re unsure of where you are now and how you are viewed. You go for “whatever you can get” when you could be netting a high quality guy or girl.

Now, this may be an overwhelmingly shallow situation but it applies. College graduates simply are not aware of their worth, at least most of them aren’t. Having a bachelor’s degree, while not as impressive as previously, is still quite an accomplishment. Considering how few people worldwide have degrees, you’re in a pretty elite category.

What you need to do as a college graduate, freshly minted degree in hand, is to aim straight and true for a job that you deserve. In this economic climate, most people clamor for the first job they can find. If you have financial responsibilities i.e. mountains of student loans, this approach might be necessary. But don’t give up and finding a job that you deserve.

Employers are banking on college graduates to be desperate. They’re raking in the benefits of unpaid internships and low balling salaries because they can get away with it. People are in need of money, in any way, shape or form. Remember, you can take a crap job in the short term but always keep your eyes open.

Furthermore, by not setting your sights on a job that you’re qualified you may be hampering your employment opportunities. Sometimes a college graduate may be too qualified for a job. This in turn leads to rejection because that employer simply can’t pay you what you’re worth.

You went to college to bolster your chances of getting a job. Always keep this in the back of your mind that having a college degree instantly improves your marketability. Play that up. Remember to never sell yourself short and if you find your dream job posting, go for it. Don’t think you’re worthless just because you’re a college graduate.

Do you feel that your worthy of your dream job? Let me know in the comment section below.

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