How To Make Facebook Work For You

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Facebook is a huge time sink. There’s no two ways about it.
For many people, especially college age people, Facebook is usually open in the  background whenever they’re on their computer. Sure the time spent looking at
it may only be a few minutes here and there, but add up all that time throughout the time. It starts to look pretty hefty in aggregate. Now, imagine if all that
time spent checking profiles and updating your status could be turned to something not only productive but possibly lucrative in the long run. Facebook can help you find a job, believe it or not.

Be skeptical if you want but Facebook can be a great place to begin your job search. First of all, Facebook has a friendly and familiar interface. There’s something comforting about the layout of the site that just makes people want to stay. Navigating Facebook is easy too and certainly familiar to most people. Most online job boards and resume posting sites look pretty convoluted and can be a bit off putting to most people simply because of lack of familiarity with the layout of the website.

However, how can Facebook possibly help you get a job? It is a social networking site. People check it for pictures from last night and to spy on their friends. You’re a lot more likely to get a date than to find a job, right? Not exactly. First, don’t get your hopes up about that date. Second, Facebook has become so huge lately that companies have begun to make their presence felt on the site.

In case you don’t know or live under a rock, pretty much everything has a Facebook page these days. From your Aunt Jenny all the way up to Microsoft and Nike have Facebook profiles. Furthermore, unlike your Aunt Jenny, these corporate profiles often pass on helpful news tidbits. Most companies will even have dedicated corporate hiring  pages that you can ‘like’ in order to receive the latest news about upcoming job fairs and when and where to submit your resume and cover letter.

This isn’t a perfect system and you aren’t guaranteed a job by trolling Facebook, but then you’re not guaranteed anything by hanging around dedicated job sites either. At least you can creep on that girl from the other
night in between reading up on the latest recruitment drive by a dream company.

Any instances where Facebook helped you find a job? Sound off in the comment section and let everyone know.

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