How to Promote Yourself Without Looking Like a Tool

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Even the most arrogant of people are raised with an inherent desire to not constantly blow their own horn. That’s a saying that’s been ingrained in people for centuries. Stay where you are. Don’t take risks. Get comfortable. There’s nothing wrong with this but it can leave yourself stuck in a spot you don’t want to be. It’s like settling for the first girl who comes along without leaving yourself out on the market. Sure you may get the milk for free but at least try a few cows before deciding on which one you want to stick with. Who knows what possibilities you may encounter?

Self promotion, however, is an important part of finding and securing a job for yourself. Employers aren’t going to come knocking on your door to pull you to an interview. The same applied to just passively dumping a bunch of resumes onto the job market. Just because your resume is floating around out there doesn’t guarantee you that employers are going to pay attention to it. As far as they are concerned, you’re no different from any other Tom, Dick or Harry (Sally, Jane or Suzie for the ladies).

Building yourself up is a great way to demonstrate that you’re a go getter. How do you go about doing this? Well, that really depends on your field. Creative and artistic jobs rely on portfolios of work to demonstrate technical ability. The best way to turn this requirement to your ends is to create an online portfolio complete with work samples. Go digital even more so by having an online presence courtesy of your own blog, Twitter, Facebook, all the social networking tools available to you so you can get your name out there. Make sure it is all linked together so that people can be directed from one site to the next. However, it is supremely important to keep these sites professional. Nothing can be worst than being on the cusp of a promising job and having it blown by posting something an employer would frown on. It happens a lot more than you would imagine.

Nevertheless, what about the rest of the job market that thrive on the strength of their resume. How do they get the word out when they don’t need to shop around a portfolio? That’s easy. Get a website for yourself where you can post a very detailed and informative resume. Make the rounds to job sites and other social networking sites that have a career getting focus. The more you can throw out there that has your name on it the better.

Still, make sure you do all of this with tact. Nothing can be a greater turn off than establishing a large presence online and promoting yourself only to come off as a jerk. It’s self defeating. You want to reel in the big fish, not scare them away because you’re showboating.

So how have you promoted yourself in the past? Got any better ideas? Let me know in the comment section.

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