Should You Be Worried About Employment Stats?

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Ugh, statistics. That was the one class everyone had to take sooner or later. Most of the time later. Way later. Like, right before graduation later. Nevertheless, since you’ll be hitting the job market soon, or have already landed, should you pay any attention to those employment stats that are always being thrown around by job counselors and economists? They seem to be pretty conflicting, right? Still, while they may tell you things you don’t want to hear, employment statistics can serve a purpose when you’re trying to land a job.

Take it them with a grain of salt, however. Employment stats are gathered by a bunch of different sources. A lot of times the picture that they paint conflict with each other. Who knows what kind of research they’re conducting. It’s like when you get forced to do a research project and you’re hitting the deadline. Maybe you shouldn’t have spent all that time having a marathon PS3 session but that isn’t the point. The point is sometimes the research gathered can be incomplete or not thorough enough. Often these stats are gathered during a certain time period. The researchers are just trying to do a good enough job possible with the time they have. They might not have all the answers.

But, you may say, all the employment stats say I should go into something computer related or healthcare but I already got my degree in pottery. What should I do? Again, don’t stress. Employment stats are just trends. Not to get artsy but the people who compile employment figures are making a mosaic. Each individual piece is different and unique. These researchers are simply taking all those piece and looking at the whole picture. While the mosaic may look like a giant Mac Book, it still doesn’t mean your degree if useless.

The best advice I have to offer is not to get worked up about employment stats. You can pay attention to them and follow them casually but don’t work yourself up and follow them religiously. Just because you know what field is trending on high won’t get you a fore sure job. A lot of people view employment stats like some type of cheat sheet that will have all the answers. Sadly, the only thing these people are doing is cheating themselves out of confidence (see what I did there?).

I’m not saying you should discredit employment figures completely but be mindful that these researchers don’t have a crystal ball to see into the future. They can say things are getting worse only to be proven wrong in the following week. They’re not omnipotent. The only thing you’re doing if you stress about facts and figures is depriving yourself of confidence and job hunting time.

Are you in this worry boat? Feel like the number crunchers have you pinned? Sound off on the comment section and let me know your feelings.

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