Bored Stiff: Why Your “Interview Personality” Matters

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interview personality gone bad

Well that guy was dull. Hopefully this is something that an interviewer never thinks of you after you two have met. However, it’s pretty likely that job candidates, especially recent graduates, are so overwhelmed with nerves that they forget who they are. Thankfully you remembered to wear pants. So what’s so important about personality in a job interview? I’m there to get a job not to get a date. Oh, how wrong you are.

Think about it this way, a job interview is like a very formalized romance from a century ago. Maybe more of an arranged marriage. No need to dust off those history lessons you had to take to graduate, this isn’t a lecture about Victorian first dates. But, in all seriousness, you interview to secure a position. Not only do you need to demonstrate that you have the professional skills but you also have to have the people skills.

Very few positions exist that are in a vacuum. You’re going to have other coworkers around you at some point. An interviewer wants to know that you’re, first, going to be able to interact with them and, second, you’re not going to bore them to death. Furthermore, most employers place an emphasis on collaboration between their employees. They want team players and that requires having personality.

So, instead of walking into an interview with a stick up your rear and talking like a robot, learn to loosen up. No, don’t hit the bottle before going to an interview to get yourself looser with your words. Employers tend to frown on people who smell like whiskey, unless you’re going to work at a bar. Still, just relax beforehand. Have a good meal. Get a massage even. Do what you need to in order to settle your nerves.

Once you’re in a better place, don’t be afraid to let your personality shine. Make some jokes, appropriate ones of course. Just show that you’re alive and that you bring something unique to the table. Plus, showing your personality can help make a lasting impression. Instead of being remembered as the guy with the red tie, you’ll be that charming guy or the funny one. That’s a lot better than being identified by your clothing.

Remember, walk a fine line when being personable. Don’t milk it too much. Being humorous is fine but too much can come off as being desperate or not taking things seriously. To go with the dating analogy again, be just enough to snag that second date. Who knows? That personality may be enough to have you round the bases.

Understand? Let me know if you have something better in mind, liked what I had to say, or just sound off on the comment section if you don’t buy what I’m selling.

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