5 Reasons To Write A Good Job Interview Thank You Letter After A Crappy Job Interview

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job interview thank you letterI know the feeling–You walk out of the interview from hell thinking there is no way to turn it around, and the idea of writing a job interview thank you letter seems pointless.  But sometimes you didn’t screw up quite as bad as you think, and you might be a little over-critical due to jumpy nerves.  Writing a good job interview thank you letter should always be a priority, no matter how you felt the interview went.  Well, if you got caught stealing paper clips or groping a current employee and were hauled off by the police, you can probably skip it, but in all other cases….

Here are 5 reasons why even crappy interview needs a follow-up through a job interview thank you letter.

1.  Reinforce Points from the Interview

You likely made SOME good points in the interview, right?  It couldn’t’ have all been bad.  Writing a good job interview thank you letter gives you the opportunity to turn the attention back towards the good stuff.  That doesn’t mean you should be giving excuses for the bad—“So, I just wanted to say the reason I took those paper clips was…”  That won’t do at all.  Leave the negative stuff back where it belongs—over and done with.

2.  Share New Information

A lot of times when you really screw up and come across as incompetent in an interview it’s because you forgot what you were going to say—or maybe you even forgot what you were going to say because you couldn’t stop thinking about how much of an idiot you looked like.

In these cases, it might help to throw those lost gold nuggets out there in the job interview thank you letter, while you’ve got the interviewers attention again and aren’t there personally to screw it up.  “Hey, did I mention can tie cherry stems with my tongue?”

3.  Confront Objections

If some issues were raised in the interview that may have really damaged your chances of getting hired or brought up some objections in the interviewer’s mind, this is probably the best chance you’ll have to confront those concerns, especially if the interviewer voiced those concerns at the time but you were unable to give an adequate rebuttal.

This could have a tremendous impact.  Highlight and defuse those obstacles in a tactful manner.

4.  A Display of Professionalism

Hey, it’s admirable when someone farts in the middle of a speech, smiles, and keeps on talking rather than running from the room with tears streaming down their face.  The point is that in the professional world, we realize people are sometimes just human, but the ability to act like a pro regardless of shortcomings and mistakes goes a long way.

The fact that you went in there and humiliated yourself but still sat down to thank them by sending a job interview thank you letter for their time and state your case yet again says a lot about your character.

5.  Set Yourself Apart

Due to the fact that so many grads skip this idea, whether out of laziness or because they don’t understand the importance, the simple fact of writing it already sets yourself ahead of the curve.  But you can go even further to stand out by customizing your letter and paying attention to the details.

A hand-written job interview thank you letter is a great way to show you put some time into it.  Also, buy some off-white, heavy-weight stationary.

How else can you spruce up your image by writing a good job interview thank you letter and defusing the bomb you left behind when you walked out the door? This is really an issue that takes some creative thinking. Is there something that saved you from sabotaging yourself in the past?

Put your comments below and share some of your thoughts on how to write a job interview thank you letter.

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