Job Interview Tips: 5 Tips For Wowing Prospective Employers

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job interview tipsInterviewing is such a social game, really.  The whole idea is to go in there and impress the hell out of someone, and that’s really the key.  You aren’t there to meet someone new.  You aren’t there to say, “Hey, can I have a job?”  You’re there to be the cool guy in the room and impress them long enough to hire you, and then hopefully you’ll live up to that impression and have a solid career for the long-run.

Here are 5 job interview tips to get you started on being that person and impressing your prospective employers.

1. Demonstrate Value

What it all really comes down to in any job interview tips is demonstrating and communicating value.  The thing that most clueless job hunters don’t realize is that this has more to do with your persona than with your credentials.

A demonstration of value is a state.  You don’t want to go in there like you desperately need a job or will take whatever you can get; you want to present yourself as if you are in your element, as if you could start the job that day and easily adapt.

The trick is to be confident, calm and centered.  Relaxed, but with a professional and sophisticated air.

2. Begin With the End in Mind

This famous piece of advice, originally presented by Stephen Covey, author of “7 Habits of Highly Effective People,” is just as applicable to job interview tips as anything else in life.  What do you want to communicate most in your interview?  What are your key messages, and what do you want the employer to be crystal clear about?

If you just go in there thinking you’ll just wing it and take anything they throw at you, you might pull it off if you’re a quick thinker, but you’re still going to be all over the place.  Determining your main communication goals beforehand gives you an overlying theme for your interview that will form as a foundation for any answers you give, even for completely off-the wall questions.

3. Get Clued-in

There is nothing more impressive in a job interview setting than a candidate who walks in the door knowing the company’s top issues, who key planners are, and what is going on in the industry.  This gives the interviewer a sense you are ready to get going right out of the gate.  Do extensive research beforehand, and be ready to talk like a professional.

4. Popping Out the Props

Employers love the candidate who walks in with props.  That doesn’t mean you should come in wearing a purple wig and making out with a mannequin, but come in like the super-employee with all the props that go with that role.

Bring the file you’ve collected about the company.  A notepad with questions you have brainstormed beforehand.  A couple extra copies of your resume and a portfolio.

Your portfolio can contain work samples, a writing example, a spreadsheet analysis, photographs of you in action, a specifically impressive letter of recommendation, and an “atta boy” letter from a satisfied boss or client.

Stick this all in a nice looking bag or briefcase and you have just become candidate of the year.

5. Image is Everything

Making the right choices for what gear to wear to a job interview is a finer balance than you might think.  Sure, you want to dress nice, but never dress nicer, or above, the interviewer.

That said, your clothes and appearance should be immaculate.  Take your outfit to the cleaners so your suit is crisp and spotless.  Shoes should be polished with no tatty heels. Get a fresh haircut and make sure to have a nice shave.

If you even choose to wear perfume or cologne, keep it subtle— this job interview tips is not for you to seduce someone here.  Subtlety is best for jewelry and makeup as well.

These basic job interview tips will get you started on the right foot and hopefully into a job.

Do you have any other job interview tips to share with your fellow readers?  In this economy, people can use all the help they can get.

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