Weird Job Interview Tips: (2009) Psychology Study Reveals Truth Behind First Impressions

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Psychology actually reveals some really helpful job interview tips.

Did you know that a potential employer forms an opinion about you within the first 15 seconds of meeting you?  You’re so nervous as you prepare for interviews- worrying about what to wear, what to say when asked this or that and making sure that you’re able to  prove what a catch you are that you often neglect the most IMPORTANT part of the interview process and fail to brush up on helpful job interview tips that matter.

In order to get an interview, you have to show them a good resume.  Resume wizards are helpful tools to get you started, but they’re so blah and boring and they’re not going to make someone say “WOW, I need to hire this person NOW!”

If you don’t make the right first impression with your resume, you’re not even going to be asked to come in for an interview so you need to make sure that you know what you’re saying with your resume as well as brushing up on job interview tips that are psychologically based.

Ultimately, your resume needs to say what you can’t since you’re not sitting on the employer’s desk singing your own praises.  At least I hope not… ha ha!

More importantly, you have to know what job interview tips work when trying to impress potential employers.

When it comes to finding the best job interview tips, first impressions are everything.  A 2009 Oregon University study delved into the topic of first impressions and proved that they really do mean everything when it comes to landing a job- and your resume may be the most important first impression you will ever make.  It doesn’t matter if you follow all of the best job interview tips in the book because if you’re resume sucks, you’re not going to get an interview anyways.

The study showed that after only a few seconds, we all take what the professor who oversaw the study, Professor  Bernieri, calls a “thin slice” impression of everyone we meet.  In an intial interview, you want to makes you’re sending the right signals and have honed in on the best job interview tips so you give a great first, “think slice” impression.  This also applies to resumes because after skimming through one, an employer gets a “thin slice” of who you are as a potential job candidate.

You know those times when you just get a gut feeling about someone?  You shouldn’t be surprised when you later find out that your first impression is right- you were just using the “thin slice” impression that Bernieri is talking about.  You take in everything that you notice in the first few seconds and come to a quick conclusion based on what you see.  I think we can all relate to that.

Most of the time you already know if you’re going to like someone or not before they even open their mouth to speak.  That’s why one of the best job interview tips is to keeps that thin slice perception in mind right from the get-go.

Sometimes you even let your initial assumptions about someone make you more apt to notice things about them that support your theories.  For example, if you sense before your friend’s new girlfriend even opens her mouth to speak that she’s kind of a ditz, you’re going to be on the lookout for signs of her acting like an airhead.  So when she asks you for the time, you’re going to think she doesn’t even know how to tell time rather than noticing the fact that she doesn’t wear a watch.  We look for things to support our initial impressions, even if they aren’t always right.

That’s why it’s so important to make sure that your resume is going to give potential employers the right first impression about you and that you’re following smart job interview tips during the interview.

If you say even one wrong thing, it could form the basis of the employer’s opinion about you, so you want to make sure you say everything right.

There was another study that took place at Tufts University in Massachusetts where the Professor, Nalini Ambady, asked her students to fill out an evaluation form of their first lecturer.  They had to tell her if they liked him, thought he was open and what their initial impressions were.

Two years later, after being tutored by the lecturer the entire time, Professor Ambady surveyed her students again.  It was no surprise to her that those initial impressions from two years earlier hadn’t changed at all.  They’d already pre-judged and had their minds made up before the tutoring even began, all based on the first time they met.  One of the most neglected job interview tips is to remember that the first time the employer lays eyes on you, they’re sizing you up and you need to be on top of your game.

These are non-conscious decisions that we all make- employers obviously do too.  It’s the human reaction.  If you start to think about it when you’re making these snap judgments, you’re less likely to make them, however an employer isn’t going to be thinking about that when they’re perusing your resume.  You’ve got one piece of paper to convince them of what type of worker you’re going to be, so you better make it good.  And you’ve got one opportunity to put these job interview tips into action, so you better make the most of it.

There is another study that demonstrates how sometimes our initial impressions can be wrong, but it’s much less likely that they will be.  Participants in this tried and true study are shown a short movie of a woman returning from work.  In one version of the movie she was labeled as a waitress, while in another she was labeled a librarian- even though she looked the same in each presentation.  People recalled things about her associated with the job title she was given even if it wasn’t true.  For example, those that saw the librarian video said that she was wearing glasses, even though she wasn’t.  It’s not that they were hallucinating, this just demonstrates how the thin slice first impression theory works.

You want to make sure that you’re not giving off the wrong impression with your resume and choosing job interview tips to follow along these same lines.  For example, don’t be remembered for the wrong reasons on your resume.  If it stands out because you spilled coffee on it, the initial impression the employer is going to get is that you’re messy.

So even if you do still have a decent resume and get called in for an interview, they may think your appearance is sloppy, even if it’s not.  Every shirt wrinkle could be shouting at them and you wouldn’t even see it coming.  It’s one of the best psychological job interview tips you could ever follow to make sure that you’re neat and tidy in appearance.

Believe it or not, you can control the way people perceive you.  If you come across as bubbly, energetic and friendly, they’re most likely going to like you.  This is why people who smile a lot, talk with their hands, and always seem upbeat are so well liked, while people who speak more mellow and don’t make a lot of facial expressions are usually not.  It’s common sense that following job interview tips that tell you to be friendly, open and happy are going to have a positive psychological impact on employers.

If you do fail to make a good impression on someone by choosing the right resume and job interview tips, it’s not necessarily too late.  We all know someone who we used to despise who we later find out is all right, but think about how long it probably took them to convince you of that.

So think about your job searching experience.  Have you sent out dozens of resumes and not received a single call back?  Your resume is most likely not giving out the right first impression about you.  Make the RIGHT statement with your resume- your livelihood depends on it.

Think of it as an introduction to a story.

The story is the interview and you have to preface your audience, or employer, so that they know what to expect when they meet you.  Don’t steer them wrong and you’ll guarantee yourself the job you want- it’s a scientific fact as proven in some of the studies mentioned above that the first impression you give is going to act as a guide to who you are on the job.  So make it a good one and put these job interview tips into motion.

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