3 Sneaky Job Interview Questions To Ask Employers

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job interview questions you can ask your employers

Asking sneaky job interview questions can help you get ahead in a competitive field. Sneaky questions aren’t so much being dirty or underhanded, but asking a query in a certain way that provides you with information most applicants aren’t privy to. Asking one of these sneaky job interview questions is like being the James Bond or Sam Fisher of interviewing. You get in, nab the intel and get out only to return with bigger guns and gadgets. Follow along with this series of knowledge garnering job interview questions to ask the hiring manager.

  1. Who would you point to as the top performer in this position? – One of the job interview questions not asked very often pertains to the status of present employees. However, asking about those who have already netted the job you may be after is a sneaky and underutilized trick. Discovering that Dick Jones is the head guy at Omni Consumer Products lets you know who to reference for this next question.

  2. What traits make him or her stand out? – Once you’ve identified the company’s top performer, go after the hiring manager and find out what that individual does. Is he or she timely with their deadlines? Does he or she go above and beyond the call of duty routinely? Uncover exactly what makes this potential employee of the year so special with this pertinent query, one of several key job interview questions for an employer. Discover the traits that elevate this person above the rank and file. Take notes!

  3. What specific actions or behaviors make him or her so successful? – Once you did a little digging about the most successful person in your field at your potential employer, find out why their attributes are so valued and desired. Is that no procrastination policy important because the job you’re applying to depends on tight deadlines? Does the hiring manager look kindly on those who go above and beyond the call of duty because the company is in the middle of tough times? This is perhaps one of the most important sneaky job interview questions because it lets you know what traits are in high demand at your possible future workplace.

These three sneaky job interview questions build on each other. This progression is vital to uncovering these hidden tidbits of knowledge. Take excellent notes. Utilize this information in a killer follow up letter or call to the hiring manager. Demonstrate your interest and the intelligence you gathered by marketing yourself as the second coming of the Golden Employee. Use these sneaky job interview questions to get ahead.

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