Is Your Work Attitude Holding You Back?

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Everyone has one time or another held a crappy job. There’s no way around it and sometimes it’s hard to reconcile that summer slinging ice cream at the community swimming pool with your hopes and dreams of making it big. Nevertheless, at your crappy job, was there ever that person who seemed way too happy to be there? It was the guy who seemed like making tacos was the be all and end all of existence. And that was annoying.

Now think about it, have you carried that attitude forward still? Looking at your fellow coworkers with a glib smile and shaking your head when they seem way too happy to be at work? Could it be there’s something wrong with them? Possibly. However, the most likely answer if that you may have a skewed attitude towards work.

Let’s be honest, work does suck. Most people can’t get their dream job of being an astronaut or a bikini inspector. Therefore, most people have to settle. This can be pretty soul crushing, especially if you went to college to be an architect and you end up pushing carts down at the grocery store. Where is the effort to excel and push forward?

It may seem like why even try, why put in the effort on a job you dislike? There’s valid points in that and it makes for a great movie premise staring Ron Livingston and Jennifer Anniston. However, even if you despise your job, why not go an extra inch to get yourself noticed and possibly lifted out of oblivion.

Break it down, if most people just do the bare minimum to get by, day in and day out, what’s the harm in going above and beyond the call of duty just once to get noticed? Even if you just do a small thing each day that’s pretty pedestrian, your boss will likely notice sooner or later because he or she is used to everyone half assing it on a daily basis. You never know, great things may come of this notice. You may hate your job working in the
pits, but a nice middle management promotion with a corner office may be just the ticket out of your workplace blues.

So, are you caught in a professional rut? Hate waking up and going to work? Why not try working your way out of there instead of just getting by and trying to not lose your mind? Sound off in the comment section
about any workplace blues you might be having and what you’re doing to change up the status quo.

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