How Can You Trust Your Job Search Sources?

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Hunting for a job takes a lot of time. With all the occupation searching, clicking through pages of postings, responding to emails and sending messages, the amount of time invested can be pretty high. You got better things to do with your time and you need to make sure the time you to devote to a job search is time well spent. Furthermore, a bad job search site can not only waste your time by pointing you towards postings and links that don’t work or are outdated but these sites can also steal your personal information and sell it to advertisers who will flood your email with spam and advertisements.

Therefore, the real question is how do you spot these bogus job search sources? A big tell is looking at the level of quality when it comes to written articles or information. Poorly written information is usually a sign that the website it either A) unprofessional or schlocky B) not written by an English speaker. Nothing against people who don’t speak English but if you are offering a job search service to English speaking clients, it helps to actually know the language you are operating in or at least pay someone who does. Poorly written English indicates that this site make be a scam from overseas to steal your personal information.

Even if the site operator is an English speaker, having shoddy writing demonstrates that this site had very little thought go into it, pointing that it is either questionable in terms of getting you results or simply a front for advertisers.

Speaking of advertisers, look around the job search site and check if the advertisements are actually relevant. If you see advertisements for colleges or for job search related services, it is pretty likely the place is legit. However, if you see banners and pop-ups that feature links to live nude girls or debt reduction agencies, you have probably stumbled across an unreliable job search source.

Differentiating the good sources from the bad protects you from wasting your time and possibly exposing your identify to theft. Have a critical eye on job search sites that are either unknown or promise wondrous results because the truth of the matter is that these places most likely are scams.

Any job search woes? Successes? Sound off in the comment section and share your experiences.
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