Is Fear SCREWING With Your Job Search?

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Do you sit at your computer screen for hours looking for a job but making little progress? Are you as easily distracted as a newly single guy at a raging bar scene? You may think that it’s just because hunting for a job is boring. This may be true but there might be another reason behind your lack of motivation. You’re scared. Don’t be offended, it’s ok. This is a safe place. It’s perfectly normal for a recent college graduate to fear setting foot onto the job market. Here are seven ways that fear may be sabotaging your job search.

  1. Living up to expectation- College graduates are often expected to go off and do great things. This is doubled if you are a first generation graduate. Your family has worked hard supporting you and getting you to this point. They’re justified in having high hopes for you. Don’t let it get the better of you. Your fear of not living up to expectations can lead you to never trying to.
  2. Lack of confidence- Sometimes hitting to job search trail can make you feel like a freshman at his or her first college party. All timid and nervous about a whole brave new world. Overcome this lack of confidence by indulging in online job searches. It reduces the amount of face to face contact until the interview.
  3. Lack of work enthusiasm- This may be one of the worst fears to experience after graduating. It’s the fear that you got a degree in something you have no interest in. You never wanted to be a business person. You’re an artist, darn it! Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that your degree is worthless or that the field you’re entering is so narrow that it doesn’t allow you some wiggle room.
  4. Lots of work- More often than not, finding a job is a lot of work. Sometimes just thinking about all you need to do can be overwhelming. Don’t let your inertia get the better of you just because the couch is warm and welcoming.
  5. Fear of rejection- This is a very tangible fear that everyone dreads. No one wants a drink poured on their head after a bad pickup. The same applies to the job market. Sometime it’s easier to just not try rather than face rejection.
  6. Lack of knowledge- Part of the reason college graduates are afraid of getting started on the job hunt is that they don’t have the tools necessary to get going. Sometimes people don’t know how to properly format a cover letter or resume. Luckily, you happen to be on a website that can shed some light on those questions.
  7. Blowing it- This is part of rejection but can be more soul crushing because you’re almost to the finish line but your nerves get the better of you. Give yourself some credit. You’ve made it this far.

So what do you think? Does this list pretty much cover everything? Sound off on the comment section and let me know.

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