5 Phone Interview Tips Even Experienced Professionals Forget To Do

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phone interview tipsAnother result of living in a fast-paced crazy world is that employers often have so many people applying for jobs that they don’t have time to interview all of the ones they’re interested in.  That’s when phone interview tips come in handy- often times, employers use phone interviews to weed out the undesirable candidates before they ask people to come in for an actual interview.  Some companies swear by phone interviews alone, while other times phone interviews are necessary because you don’t live in the area.

So what are some of the best phone interview tips to help you get through the interview and either be asked to interview again, or better yet get the job?

Here are a few of the best phone interview tips to keep mind because you never know when the phone might ring and you might be asked some big important questions.  Which brings me to the first of my phone interview tips…

–       Always be prepared.  Keep your resume handy because you never know when you might need to reference it or have an on the spot phone interview.  A lot of times they’re scheduled, but when they’re not, you need to make sure you’re ready.  Also keep a pad of paper and a pen nearby in case you need to jot notes down and make sure you have a quiet place to go take the call.  Hearing kids screaming in the background is not something that will impress employers.

–       Practice! A lot of people aren’t really comfortable on the phone.  To avoid sounding awkward or nervous, one of the best phone interview tips is to practice with a friend or family member.  Call your mom up, ask her to ask you some questions and try to answer them the same way you would if they were real.  You can also record yourself a little if you like so you can hear what your voice sounds like and see if there’s anything you need to work on.  If every other word is ummm, you might want to work on it.

–      One of the most important phone interview tips is not to have anything in your mouth.  You’re at home, so you might be eating, chewing gum, smoking, drinking your favorite beverage (hopefully it’s not vodka so your head is clear!)- Whatever it is, STOP.  It’s ok to take a sip of water here or there but chewing or making any kind of strange sound (like exhaling smoke or clearing your throat excessively) is going to not only be distracting but unprofessional as well.

–       One of the toughest phone interview tips to follow is not to interrupt the interviewer.  Since you can’t see them, you may not be sure when they’re going to speak next.  If you start to talk at the same time, shut your trap and let them talk.  You don’t want to come across as rude.  Also, speak slowly and clearly, and go ahead and pause a little if you need to think about an answer.  Too much dead silence can be detrimental, but a little bit is ok as long as you’re thinking up a great answer.

–       Keep your answers short.  Just get right to the point.  The interviewer doesn’t want to hear you babble on and on, they just want to hear you produce a decent answer.  Just remember that you’re trying to get the job, not put them to sleep or make them wish their phone had a snooze button.

Keep these handy phone interview tips in mind the next time you’re job hunting and you’ll be able to drop everything at a moment’s notice and truly dazzle any employer.

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