How To Break Free From The "HERD"
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I want to tell you about an exclusive new insiders coaching club that I'm creating for serious golfers. Its going to be the key to eliminating all of your aches and pains, adding distance and accuracy to your game and breaking those scoring barriers.

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All this for one dollar?! Are you serious?

So you're getting "The 11 Principles of Distance" for just a buck in exchange for taking my new "Insiders Club" for a two-week test drive, absolutely FREE!

You see I really want you to experience all the Perfect Connection Insiders Club has to offer ... even if I have to let you inside for free!

Well, yes! We know you will love the Insiders Coaching Club, we know you will love having me as your personal coach, but we know that sometimes a little "incentive" doesn't hurt.

Because I'm kicking it off with 35 never-before-seen instructional videos that I'm guaranteeing you will totally reinvent your golf game, and make YOU the one your buddies are always asking for golfing advice!

These core training videos cover absolutely everything you need to know about playing a better game, more consistently, than you ever have before: Iron play ... pitching ... bunkers ... common (and even not-so-common) faults and fixes ... chipping ... wedges ... trouble shots...

And that's not all...

FREE Special Issue #1: The 10 Most Dangerous Mistakes College Grads Make With Employers... And What To Do About It (Reg. price: $27)

10 most dangerous mistakes
  • 10 tips for increasing your chances of getting the job.
  • How to avoid committing social (and career) suicide.
  • Why GPA and lots of Experience have little to do with getting a killer job.
  • The trait that 99.9% of employers HATE about hiring college grads.
  • 2 reasons why employers like hiring college grads and how to use them to YOUR advantage.
  • How to speak the same language as employers so they'll TRUST you and want to HIRE you.

FREE Special Issue #2: 3 "Major Mistakes" To Avoid On A Job Interview (Reg. price: $27)

3 Major Mistakes To Avoid On A Job Interview
  • How to overcome the 3 major mistakes that job seekers make on a job interview.
  • Why interview "pick up lines" don't work and what to do about it.
  • The common misconception about "preparation" that SCREWED OVER 80% of college grads in 2009.
  • A proven late night infomercial tactic you can use to ACE your interview.

FREE Special Issue #3: What If The Hiring Manager Doesn't Call You Back? (Reg. price: $27)

What If The Hiring Manager Doesn't Call You Back?
  • How to avoid giving employers a "don't hire me" impression.
  • Why employers aren't calling you backand what to do about it.
  • How to prevent your problem of not getting calls or not getting answers to your calls.
  • How to avoid a CRUCIAL mistake that most jobseekers make when following up with employers.

FREE Special Issue #4: 4 Tips For Landing More Job Interviews... (Reg. price: $27)

4 Tips For Landing More Job Interviews
  • 4 *NEW* tips that will help you get more job interviews.
  • How to tap into the rich "hunting ground" for the corporate bound candidate.
  • How to fix the problem of getting to the interview in the first place.
  • One powerful tool that can be used to "market" yourself in many ways  (The best thing is that you likely know this tool well and use it almost everyday)
Free Access to Expert Job Interviewing Advice!
You MUST confirm your email address after you submit. Check your email for instructions.


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