5 Dirty Questions For Interviews You Never Saw Coming

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prepare the questions for interviewsQuestions for interviews can sometimes come at you unexpectedly. Often questions for interviews are politically correct questions asked by a hiring manager to gauge your strengths and weaknesses. However, these are relatively easy to answer. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. Nevertheless, there will be times when certain questions for interviews fly at you from left field. Ready yourself for these before they drop you to the floor.

  1. Why Haven’t You Worked In This Field Before?– A batch of questions for interviews in this guise are often lobbed at those who are making a career move or transition. This particular question is a little loaded and filled with possible negative connotations. Shrug it off. Talk up how you just haven’t found the right opportunity to exercise these skills. Until now.

  2. What Did You Think of Your Lost Boss?– Be careful with questions for interviews that come in this package. A hiring manager is testing to see if you’ll fall into the trap of bad mouthing people behind their backs. Also be wary of answering in overly glowing terms. Don’t be a suck up is key here. Be honest and truthful about your last employer. If she was a great motivator that propelled you forward but always leaned on you, say so. Try and stay objective. Save your venom for when you aren’t in the hot seat.

  3. How Was Your Work Criticized?– Questions for interviews in this form can be hard to answer depending on how you felt about the criticism received. Everyone receives criticism in one form or another. However, there are times when those comments made were in error. Perhaps your former boss or coworker just didn’t get where you were coming from. On the other hand there are situations were that criticism was very constructive and helped you to improve. Focus on the positive criticisms to jump this hurdle.

  4. Who Else Have You Applied To?– This question sizes up the level of commitment you have to this position. A hiring manager doesn’t need to hear that you applied to a restaurant, a clothing store, a bank and a construction site. None of those jobs have anything in common and show that you really couldn’t care where you get hired; as long as you get hired somewhere. When you divulge this information make sure it’s only on jobs within the same field.

  5. Where Do You See Yourself Down The Road?– Gauging the future is difficult when answering questions for interviews with a focus on the future. Who knows where you’ll be five years from now. However, you can shape this question by speaking in aspirations and hopefuls. You may not actually attain those goals but demonstrating that you DO have goals is an important attribute to have.

These tricky questions for interviews are no sweat as long as you keep your cool. Just be smart and keep a level head. Don’t take any of them personally. It’s just business. Smoke these questions for interviews with these guidelines.

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