Naughty Resume Tips: 10 Crazy-Hot Tips To Make Employers Go GaGa

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learn the Resume TipsConsider this before seeking resume tips. Does making a potential employer salivate at the thought of hiring you press your buttons? It should. Employers, sadly, hold a great deal of power, especially in today’s market where a college degree doesn’t turn as many heads as it used to. Follow these 10 resume tips to transform your resume from granny panties to Victoria Secret.

  1. Plan Ahead-These resume tips are all about early planning. Making your resume on the fly doesn’t always cut it. There’s a lot of info you need to pack into a tiny space. Traditionally a resume should only be one page. That means of all your strengths and skills you need to pick the ones that make you into a hired surefire.

  2. Call, text, chat, etc– Offer employers several contact options for getting a hold of you. Put your email, day telephone, cell phone, smoke signal location, etc. The more options available to contact you the better your chances of getting a response in some shape or form. Even a polite email saying ‘thanks, but no thanks’ is better than nothing. Resume tips like this promote greater connectivity.

  3. Hush Hush- However, be careful about listing your business number when you’re out on the prowl. Your current occupation is like your nagging wife and this new job opportunity is your young mistress, don’t give her your house number! A future employer calling your cuckolded present one is a surefire way to awkwardness or possible termination. Resume tips used wisely should never get you fired!
  4. Space Saver- Resume tips like this tie in with #1. Your contact information can take up a sizeable chunk of your resume space. Cheat the system and list your personal contact data in the margins. Doing so gives you extra space to explain how awesome you are. Resume tips are all about making you look good.
  5. Meet them Half Way- Again, resume tips like this link to #1’s emphasis on good planning. Employers are always looking for something more than a warm body when they post an opening for a job. Find out exactly what they’re looking for. Really dig at the job posting and tailor your resume to that end. Furthermore, should you snag an interview make sure you press the employer about what their needs are. Who knows? You may get a better job than you applied for with that initiative using resume tips like this.
  6. Organized Work Experience- Tidy up your work experience section on your resume. Make it organized and in chronological order starting at your current job. Keep what you list relevant if possible. You’re trying to impress an employer with your dazzling array of prior experience, remember?
  7. Relevant Education- Did you major in pottery? Are you applying for a business finance position? Probably best to look elsewhere.
  8. “He’s so Dreamy”- It never hurts to have a few quotes on your side. Should your past work experience be thronged with comments or decorations, from reputable sources that employers can trace, try and include them should they appear relevant.
  9. Too Personal-Personal interests and experiences help a resume come to life. However, there is a fine line to walk here. Resume tips like this are all about relevance. Parasailing is great and all but I doubt employers are going to find it fascinating. Unless your applying for a parasailing career.
  10. Limit Yourself- All these categories and inclusions have a tendency to needlessly bulk up and swell your resume. Be smart with your resume tips. Don’t be afraid to take a little off the top. Be precise, clear and short with what you include. Brevity is the soul of wit. Organize your information to be visually appealing and easy to dissect.

Hopefully these resume tips come in handy.

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