White Font Myth Exposed! How White Font Can Sabotage Your Resume

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Some people think that filling in the blank spots on their resume with keywords describing the desired skills for a job will help manipulate Applicant Tracking Systems to their advantage, and in some cases, it does.  However, you have proceed with caution with white font because you could end up making yourself look the opposite of what you’re going for — and getting little to no responses on your resume from employers. Often times if this strategy is used, suddenly, experienced and knowledgeable becomes exaggerated and falsified.

When White Font Can Work Against You


Don’t think you’re a sly fox just because you figured out how to use white font on your resume.  Most recruiters are on the lookout for this now- you’re not a step ahead of anyone.  All they have to do if they want to check a resume for white font is highlight it and suddenly, all of the sneaky keywords that you included on your resume will magically appear.  You may be able to fool the machine, but you can’t fool a human. And we certainly don’t recommend or use white font in the Ultimate Resume Template.

Actually, some of the Applicant Tracking Systems that are used can tell if white font was used on a resume.  This could hurt you too, because they sometimes weed out and then eliminate those resumes.  Some employers look at this kind of manipulation as deceitful, and in those cases, it will definitely hurt you.

Another common mistake that people make when using white font is that they tell little white lies.  For instance, they’ll use keywords that they know are relevant to the job in white font on the margins of their resume, but when you look at the actual resume those skills are not present anywhere.  If you’re going to try to outsmart employers, at least do it right and don’t make yourself look like an idiot.  Putting “creative” on your resume in white font but then having a list of boring jobs that don’t ask for any creativeness at all is going to not only raise some eyebrows, but also put you in the “no thanks” pile.

Why White Font Isn’t a Good Idea


Some employers won’t mind white font if it’s discovered on your resume, but most are going to wonder what you’re up to or why you’d go to such extremes.  Your resume should speak for itself- you shouldn’t have to trick people into noticing you.  If you just use keywords to get yourself noticed but don’t have the skills to back them up, you just look like a big fat liar.  As much as everyone wants one of those working for them… oh wait, this is who they definitely don’t want working for them!

Rather than focusing on how to trick ATS machines and even humans into reading your resume, how about honing in on your great skills and experience and making sure that your resume accurately reflects that?

Incorporate the essential keywords that you would have used white font for into your resume itself.  That way, it still gets picked up and there is no fabrication or deceit on your part.

You don’t need tricky methods like white font when you’re actually qualified for a job

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    Genial fill someone in on and this mail helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you for your information.

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  3. SW

    Whitefonting is simply a response to the over use of ATS in many corporations. While lying is lying, legitimate uses of related keywords in order to get through a machine algorithm is totally appropriate. Inh case you are uneducated – this is hpow the internet works.

    Companies should start doing Human Capital Management and relationship management and not relying on automation to do their work for them.

    Would you rather work for a company who so sclearly indicates that they could give a hoot about people and that they are not worth investing in QUALITY candidate sourcing and screening mechanisms that WORK?

    Face it – these systems are as obsolete as job boards. Wake up.

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