How To Nail An SEO Job Interview

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what to do on an SEO Job InterviewOk, so that title sounds kind of dirty, but SEO is not. The way technology has been going, SEO is becoming more and more of a booming business. If you know how to do it, you’re in luck because not a lot of people do. This helps narrow down your competition a little bit, but as with any field, even the lesser known ones, you still have to figure out how to showcase your specific skills and talent so that you are the one who gets the job.

Know your stuff
Before you even dive into a job opportunity or submit your resume, make sure you’re familiar with how SEO works and that you have the experience to back up your claims. You can find some sample SEO job interview questions online to help you practice too- if you know a little bit about what kind of questions to expect in an interview, you can study up a little for them. Just make sure your answers sound genuine, not rehearsed. And no one likes a bad actor (ehm, Tori Spelling).

Speak the lingo
Think about SEO work you’ve done in the past. Sometimes it can get a bit complex. If you’re asked a question about a former job or particular work experience, make sure you’re able to explain how you did it. Sometimes the things that you know how to do- you just know and you don’t really think about how you do them anymore. But you need to know how to explain yourself in an interview, so practice explaining a few of your best projects so that you can do the same in your interview.

Keep up with current events
No, not the kind you see on the news or E Entertainment. (As you can probably tell, I’m guilty of keeping up on the celebrity gossip a bit myself!) Make sure that you know all about any new developments in the SEO field. You don’t want to blow an interview because you haven’t heard of something new or can’t answer a question because you’re not familiar with something. Kind of brings me back to knowing your stuff!

Do a little research
Make sure you visit the company’s blog or website so that you have an idea about what their ultimate vision or goal is, and as an added bonus, work some of that into your own skill set. You have the skills, but highlight those that you think will be the best fit for the company. Also, ask questions that are specific to that particular company. You’ll impress them and also show that you know how to do your research before diving in to a project (or in this case, an interview.)

When heading to an SEO job interview, just make sure you know what you’re talking about and are able to show off your skills. Make sure you know how to talk about what it is that you do and come prepared with company info and practice some interview questions before you go. As long as you possess the skills and knowledge in the field of SEO, all you need to do then is win them over with your charming personality and individual style!

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